July 24, 2017

Another Prophecy Fulfilled by Dr. Malachi Z. York

Excerpt from the book entitled " THE SPELL OF LEVIATHAN "666", Part 2"
Page 407

"Ala not only means "ON" It has several meanings, one of which is "In", 'The State Of, 'In the manner of'.  So do not look at the above verse as a physical exterior marking.  This mark will be "In" their right hand, or their "FOREHEADS".  The Creator did not say "On" He said "In." in 1971 A.D., with the first publishing of "Leviathan 666" I told you that in 1992 A.D., the mark in the hand", would become a reality.  Now in 1996 A.D. They have manufactured a computerized chip that identifies you,  This will be the only method by which man can bank or trade with his credit card.  It will be a cashless society."

July 23, 2015

Maybe it's not the first documentary to states that Adam of the Garden of Eden is black.  But I am still taken by it.

The documentary uses the "Y" chromosomes to connect men to one, namely Adam.  This is their search.  It's amazing how he almost looks like the adam of DMZY

the Adam of DMZY Dr. Malachi Z. York

June 20, 2015

The Main Wife - book review

I have to say, the book description serves it no purpose but actually degrades the content and has nothing to do with her story. Clearly whoever wrote this book description is by far not the story teller. I almost didn't purchase the book and quickly judged and became bias and some of the reviews on amazon.com even added to my ignorance. The book had me holding back tears and had me laughing. It's a love story. and the last chapter really touched me.

Support our most beloved sister Aset.  Get the book.

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