September 01, 2020


Been including these free face masks with book orders.  And will continue to provide them for each order until the end of this year.   Hopefully everyone practice social distancing and continue to follow CDC on wearing face masks during public outings.

Stay safe Nuwaubians. 


August 25, 2020

AEOE Bookstore bookmarks

One thing I love about our bookstore is the ability to create our own marketing and giveaway materials like these bookmarks that we try to include for each order.  Let us know what you think about them.
Hotep Nuwaubians.


May 18, 2020

Egiptian Magic Charms and Amulets for Protection

For the Ancient Egiptian Order
excerpt from:
Egiptian Magic Charms and Amulets for Protection
by Supreme Grand Hierophant S.G.H.
Amunnubi Raakhptah (Atum-Re)

We, The Ancient Tama-Reyeaat "Egiptians" were envied by many and mostly by the heka-khasus (hyksos) canaanites "cursed seed" who we refer to as Pa Tuta or Pa Tamahu. .... "We Tama-Reyeaat "Egiptians" had to depend on our ancestors to protect us.  So we became lovers of Makatau, which is the ancient Egiptian word for "amulets"... The Egiptians placed amulets under and in our houses and tombs, set them up in our temples, wore them while living, and caused them to be placed on our bodies when we are dead. 

Page 78
Whenever the Tama-Reyeaat were in serious difficulties, they turned to their ancient ancestors and powers of their country to help them.  Everything originated out of Egipt without a doubt the ancient Tama-Reyeaat "Egiptians" was the most sophisticated civilizations that ever existed on earth.  They knew the sciences of alchemy, chemistry and astronomy.  It is now a proven fact amongst scientists today that the miraat "pyramids" at Giza architectural  design and geographical location were not a a mistake.

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