June 27, 2009

Government key witness recants her testimony!

Habibah Washington, Prosecution's key witness against Malachi York. She recants her false testimony and explains the entire plot to falsely accuse Malachi York of crimes he did not commit.
Habibah Washington was known by many as "Abigail". In the five years I lived on the land, Abigail was in charge, as she will confirmed in the video above. Although she's under five feet tall, she was fierced and feared by the residents of Tama-Re. She ran Tama-Re with an iron fist. Her A.E.O. name is Sakhmet Ptah Atum. She is definitely a personification of the Sakhmet as malevolent being. But she will sometimes suprise you with kindness.
Abigail have two children by Dr. Malachi Z. York. According to her, the Feds used fear tactics to create false charges agains Malachi. The Feds threatened to take her children away and also threatened her with jail time. And therefore felt that she was cornerd to work with the prosecution team.

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  1. I know Habibah and she was a tortured soul just like everyone who is part of this cult.

    This post will probably be removed by the administrator, like the other post was.

    Educate yourselves instead of being like sheep. If you do not know what that means, please get a college education.


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