December 05, 2009

Why Nefu Amu Hotep?

I'm going to ask what many are afraid of asking or dare not to ask.

Ques: Why was Nefu Amun Hotep or Elizabeth Westbrook chosen to lead the Nuwaupians?

Ans: According to Westbrook, who is now the head of the Nuwaupians World Wide, she was chosen not just the leader of Nuwapians but their spiritual leader and messenger. This decision was made during one of her visit to Dr. Malachi Z. York while in prison in Supermax ADX in Colorado Florence.

Why do Nuwaupians need another leader?
Why was she chosen?
Why not Hagar? Dr. Malachi Z. York's own blood, daughter.
Why not choose from his bloodline?

I'm not asking this questions because I dislike Nefu or Elizabeth. Not at all. I'm merely asking because Dr. York's teachings and doctrine, throughout his books and different school of thought, he was adamant regarding his bloodline. He can trace his bloodline all the way to prophet Muhammad and even to Ben York and Sacajawea.

If bloodline was no importance, why must he make it so important to us? Why do we need another messenger? and what message and where is the message coming from? Isn't 30 years of Dr. Malachi Z. York's teaching enough? Shouldn't we have plenty of information to disect and study.

He has given us:

  • The Sons of the Greenlight

  • The Ancient Mystic Order of Melchizedek

  • The Ancient Egiptian Order

He has given us the Holy Tablets, Degree of Christism, Muhammadism, and Judaism, plenty of Guidance from the Masters Series, hundreds of audio and video questions and answers class. and yet we still want more. But are Nuwaupians applying it to their everyday life. Are there Nuwaupians worth the title "ROLE MODELS". Are there any Nuwaupians Role Models?

I don't want to make it seems like I'm talking about my spiritual sister Nefu Amun Hotep. But she submits to her husband, how can she leads the people. She gets physically abused by him and puts up with it. What kind of message is that being relayed to the Nuwaupians women and children. Should they do what she does. Should they put up with an abusive mate? Is that ok?

Doc always taught us to question them, especially if it involves your soul. "Test their spirit" Doc said.

I know this much, the women surrounds Nefu makes me question her. Rana, who was caught in a scandal with Rick. Rana who have an affair with Rick who is involved with Angel and have children by Angel. Rana's scandalous, too revealing photos unfold that she sent to Rick via cell phone unfolds all over youtube. Her skeleton uncovers in front of everyone eyes.

Robbie, who gets into physical altercations with, I feel the one and only Dr. York's soldier, Richelle. Was it a coincidence that Richelle disappeared her violent encounter with Robbie. And left no explanation to the community. I don't know what happened. All I know is Robbie beats her ass and Richelle is no more. and thats when you don't hear any more legal fights regarding the freedom of Dr. York.

Everyone is so focus on the so called "messenger" Elizabeth Westbrook also known as the entertainer Nefu Amun Hotep. She even have body guard, I heard.

But who was guarding Dr. Malachi Z. York during his arrest?


  1. You are absolutely right! And has anyone compare the info from the so-called scrolls to our previous info? There nothing new just regurgitated info from old info! And has anyone question the authenticity of the scrolls you have to remember Doc is in a maximum security facility and they do not allow you to write books nor scrolls to put out to the public. Something real fishy that's why I have step back from the whole situation and I study the info i know for sure came from Docs research or him.

  2. When say Rana had affair with Rick,
    you not talking about Rana Hall ex-mate
    of Richard Bragg who I use to live
    with in The Philly Tabnacle back in 1996
    and 98 I surprise to hear that.
    Plus I don't know if that true
    'cause I was there to witness it.

  3. Rana Hall. I think that's her name. Light skin with a whole lots of children. One of them looks albino. that Rana. From what Iknow of Rana from the brief moment I worked with her, she seems nice and talented. OMG! she's super nice. I don't mean to put her scandalous affair online, I just think that, if you're representing Nuwaubian sisterhood, why the hek would you send naked pictures with a married man. I saw the pictures my damn self... and yep she was naked. On top of that Rick was married with children with sister Angel, I can't remember her spiritual name. The sister from London. I just think they're all fucked up. the people running the administration. You got to have some type of self control if you're in that position or scandalocity such as Doc's case happens.

    1. That's what they want to do make him look bad and they do it in many different ways!

  4. if you believe that, then u will believe anything anyone tells you, who ever did the post was for her they just introduced that she was a leader, nuwaubians don't need a leader, they have nuwaupu to lead them. so she and who ever done the above post most be working together. that is how they get it out, they flip the scrip as if they are asking but they are realy informing, spreading the word...She not a leader to any nuwaubian or Nation. who you think you fooling We see all the tricks "YOUR TIME IS UP AND OVER" you got to go!!!

  5. She an agent that slept her way through the ranks then married an agent queer woman beater end of discussion!

  6. She's a hoe and an agent that slept her way through the ranks and had babies with a fag! Now her and the fag are two of the disinformation agents keeping people from knowing the truth!


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