October 17, 2010

What is the difference between Nuwaubu and Nuwaupu?

So I was listening to the Nuwapians call conference tonight and the so called teacher or host said that there's a difference between Nuwapians and Nuwabians.  but the host never explained the difference between the two words.  Even after a male caller pointed that he didn't explained or gave any details or answer to what is the difference between Nuwabu and Nuwaupu.  Finally after beating around the bush and making smart-ass remarks  the host said that the difference is Nuwaubians are religious and Nuwapians are spiritual.

LOL!  what....!!!  Anyway, they are trying so hard to twist the doctrine of Nuwaubu.  But I will explain to you what is the difference between the two words according to Dr. Malachi Z. York himself, according to his writing and his books.  Here it is:

The Black Book states on page 460:

You must understand that there were no "P" in the ancient Semetic or Hieroglyphic alphabet, that was added by the Greeks  So every place you see, a P it was a B, every place you see an O it was a U, many places that you see an E it could have been an I or Y.  There were no V, there you would find a W. Often times K was mistaken for Q, or Kh.  Example, Khami, is often written Kemet. Dj, is often written as Z, as in Zed for Djed.  The original languages are not Latin or Greek, nor Arabic and Hebrew.  All of these are products of the ancient Nuwaubic, brought to this planet from above, which became Cuneiform, Akkadian, Chaldean, all of the Semetic tongues, far Eastern and Western dialects of the Native Americans.  All have their roots in Nuwaubic, called hieratic phonetically and Hieroglyphics scripturally. 


on page 37 of "Is It Black Man's Christianity or White Man's Christianity? by Dr. Malachi Z. York it states:

You have been fooled.  Saul, Shaool, Paul even has Negroids thinking that they are Gentiles.  The letter P comes from B in Semitic language as in Saul became Paul.  "P" is the change. 

It doesn't stop there.  And Saul, Shaool, Paul's name starts with the letter "P" and  Saul, Shaool, Paul is an advocate of the Five P's.  The five principles or the Five P's that the five-pointed star represent are:
  1. Polytheism:  the belief and worship of many gods
  2. Politics:  the science of winning and holding control of the government
  3. Psychology: the study of the mind and behavior of humans
  4. Philosophy:  an explanation or theory of the universe based entirely on conversation and not necessarily facts.
  5. Penal:  this relates to the laws and punishment.  this systems was established by Nimrod and laid down by Hammurabi,
--------  This is a must to read book by Dr. Malachi Z. York. ---------------------- It really breaks down a lot of information regarding FBI Agents like individuals such as Saul, Shaool, or Paul.  ----------- as it further explains the meaning of Paul's name on page 52, it states:

If Yashu'a, Isa, Jesus called you Saul, why would you change your name to Paul, if this was not meant as an insult?  Also another derivative of the name Paul, is the Syriac word balas meaning "despair" as Baal the god of the Canaanites as it states in 1 Kings 16:31, ..... And Baal comes from the name Ibliys meaning "rebellious", of the Noble's Koran.  As you can see, Paul was rebellious just like Ibliys.

Is this Black Man's Christianity or White Man's Christianity? by Dr. Malachi Z. York.  This book is so deep. It talks about what is really going on in our nation today.  straight up cointelpro and agents are in control of the UNNM.  

Visit from a friend on Tama-Re

This photo is Sahar and I. She is a good friend of mine who came to visit me one day on Tama-Re. The only reason why I can kinda remember when this was taken is because of what I have on. I looked happy huh? Anyway I have an an apron which was use during the Aset Festival. So this photo must have been taken during that time which is around April or May. Aset Fasha is an annual festival on Tama-Re. I was working as a food server. and wearing the so called Yamassee braids. Sahar is from NY but I met her in Jacksonville, FL where I used to live and was introduced to the doctrine of Dr. Malachi Z. York.

Sahar and I on Tama-Re.  I think this was 1998 or 1999

the Conclusion of "What is Nuwau-pu?"

Just got through reading the book entitled "What is Nuwau-pu?" by Dr. Malachi Z. York.  and I find the following to contains wisdom:

excerpt from "What is Nuwau-pu?"

Page 112

"The point I'm making is that this is not a hate thing, its a love of self thing because when you begin to think this is my race or my religion then you begin to feel that you and your race are superior and othes are inferior, or vice versa.  This in turn leads to hatred, separation, and eventually mass murder.  Do not confuse this with being proud of yor culture, Tama-Re "Egipt" and who you are, Egiptians and your wawy of life, Nuwau-Pu, which should therefore teach you to respect that fact that people of different nationalities feel the same way as well.  Once this is overstood, then we all can get a long."

October 11, 2010

Photos of Dr. York Court Hearing

As I state from my previous post, I was going through my external hardrive and ran into some photos.  I figure its time to share them to all.  These photos were taken during a court hearing at the Eatonton Georgia Court. After the May 8, 2002 arrest of Dr. Malachi Z. York.   As you can see there are photos of Dr. York in handcuffs and dress in a business attire appropriately for the court hearing.  But if you notice the plea agreement videos were totally the opposite.  He was dressed in an orange jumpsuit, no glasses, and looks like he hasn't slept in days. 

The white guy is Rob Peecher, a known newspaper reporter who targeted Nuwaubians with negative media.

onlooking Nuwaubians.

media covering the story

Thats Dr. Malachi Z. York and to his right is the Sheriff Howard Richard Sills.  If you ever seen this video footage on Youtube, it will show that Sheriff Sills was trying to cause Dr. York to trip and fall on the stairs.

Dr. York being escorted in an SUV vehicle after his court hearing in Putnam County

more media covering the hearing

The black man in purple suit is Augusta GA NAACP President, who came to support Dr. York.

October 10, 2010

Sisters of Tama-Re

While going through one of my external hardrive, I ran into these old photos.  These are my sisters from the land, Tama-Re.  If I can recall correctly these photos were taken prior to the Millenium Ball, the 2000 Ball.  As you can see Robbie isn't dress, she was nice enough to sacrifice and watch the children and stay behind. 
Mentu's wife Mona, Haru's wife Lindsey, the twins mother, Michelle, Kimmie, Kirsten Westbrook, ofcourse me Haniyya Skyler, crazy ass Miriam, and Laqiandia.  Before I forget to mention, these are the sisters who lived on the land and had mates.

the Latino family sneaked in this photo. no seriously, thats Umi Mirium up front.

Miriam, Robbie, and Kemesha

October 04, 2010

Is Dr. Malachi Z. York in prison?

Apparently there are some spooked out Nuwaupians who believe that Dr. Malachi Z. York is not in jail, prison, or ADX Max in Colorado.  Such person is a host of a blogtalkradio name Don Nicoleone aka Tara Bodie.  She insist on telling her listeners that Dr. Malachi Z. York is some powerful God, or individual, who cannot be incarcerated.  Welll I got news for your Don, Dr. Malachi Z. York is in jail. 

So when I asked her for the reason why Dr. York is not in jail her answer is simply:  The man they have locked up is not Dr. Malachi Z. York is Dwight D. York, and she continues explaining herself that, that is what's on paper. 

Well... here are the facts.  Yes, it does states on federal record that the man they have locked up is Dwight D. York.  and Yes, that is exactly what's on paper.  But darling... if you ever saw the video on Youtube where Dr. Malachi Z. York is pleading guilty, the judge didn't call him Dwight honey.  The judge referred to him as Malachi.  And if you also read the minutes from the court proceedings before the trial, the Judge also referred to him as Malachi.  So on video and on paper they refer to Dr. York as Malachi.  So therefore the person they have locked up in Florence Colorado is Dr. Malachi Z. York. 

So Tara Bodie, stop the lies and stop trying to put people to sleep with your spell. 

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