June 20, 2010

Letter from Dr. Malachi Z. York on October 31, 2004


The All is I am (has a symbol here)  if you keep looking you will see, if you keep asking you will find the truth  I'm in the love of the All and all love is in me.  I'm a part of the all and all is part of me.  I am never alone nor are you.  (Nuwaubic)  Greetings:  Dean Smith How are you an the Nuwaubian Nation in Canada?  Yes I am doing very well these days.  The Elders arrived Aug. 12, 2003 and stay with me until Aug 12, 2004.  They had much to say and how to link all our teachings from 1967 up and until.  Made it so clear.  As they conveyed it to me, I would get on the phone and impart it to the sisters in my office.  All day on phone as each burnt out I spoke to the next.  These beast BA-USHUM-GAL panic at the out formation and moved me to total lockdown but not before all was said and done.  Now they speak to me of the gathering of the 144,000 and to whom I should give messages for the N.N. to read out at our meetings.  Also to give WU-NUWAUBU studies to people call 706-425-2054 ask for sister NEFU if you want your studies, also show support for my daughter RICHELL.  When you call get Canada back on page, come from behind the 9 ball.  Be a part for this is our time.  And the Canaanites are falling each.  Look around you will see.  I will always have time for the true Nuwaubians who live by the Holy Tablets "NUWAUBLE" and the Family Guide Book.  I give all praise to ALYUWN AL who is AL ALAY  which is the Heavenly Father ANU and his blessed consort IYD who is IYD the motehr of all seas NIN, A lady of the water, mother of the Holy Son EN. NUDIMMUD, also E.A. "He who's house is water."  And his blessed beloved sister and helper, NIN HUR SAG who gave her own Ti "seed, Gene" as mammi mother NIN.TI "lady of the seed"  She cloned T: TI "Hawwah" the females of YAH. WAH Jehovah called Nuns.  And ADABA "Zakar, Adam" Earthling of the dust of the ground"  Gen. 2:7, Qur 6:2 who was called Monks or the Dravidians.  East Indians Aryans seed.  Who bread seeds with the V-SHUM-GAL.  And the other seek Gen 1:27 who the Anunnaqi Elohyeem made in thier own image after thier own likenes, the original Nubusn.  Black seed of Ghibore of Sargon 1, Nimrod who did not worship ENLIL the lord of the Sky the Jehovah.

The Lord God.

He was a God himself and master builder.  A Kishites, Kush, Cush pure 9-Ether black seed.  He was hated by ENLIL, the Lord of LIL, ILU.  ILLAH, ELI, ALLAH, because he build for ANU.  Gen. 10:10 Calneh "fortress of ANU.

And Amos 6:2  He obeyed ENQI son of ANU.  And ENQI fathered EN-MURDUQ who began DAMUZI who begat TAMMUZ.

Ruled in Africa

All is in place now you don't have to pray to take my place.  You have to spread WU-NUWAUBU so my work is not in vain.  Open stores, not one.  Join the Lodge, A.E.O. Amom.  Keep right knowledge alive.  Put back on your Black, get out your black FEZ.  Tell sister to wear the BINDI and NIN braid.  Study your Nuwaubic; let's show these devils the power of NUWAUBU.  The new name in REV. That know one knows its meaning but the true Lamb and his 144,000 ELIJAH has come and gone the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) now its Malachi time, MALACHI 4:5 DAN 12, our day has come.  Wake up my jewels of my EYES because he AMUNUBI RAKHPTAH, YAANUWN is here with you to claim Rev.  11:1-4 and Rev 19: 1-9 why Rev. 20:1-3 because Rev. 21:1-8 Nibiru the planet X is seen these day, so ISA 52 my children Now is Rev. 18, Matt. 24.  Get on the UNNM.com Be a part in Canada.  it is no time to play.  Give them back their 3ISM 1. Mosesism:  all for of Hebre, Israelite Jewish

2.  Jesusism:  all for of Christianity, Messeantic, Rasta

3.  Muhammadism:  all forms of Islam, Ishmaelite, Ansar, Sunni, Shiite, N.O.I. 5%, Moorish.  Give them back the missile toes.

The spell of blind faith: 1Deaf  2 Dumb  3 Blind faith wihout facts.
1. Torah
2. Bible
3. Quraan
Old-New Test-Amen-ts.

Last Rev. 3:4 the AMUN-RA break the spell of Ignorance of their 3, Jehovah the Father, Jesus the Son, and Angel familiar spirits, spookism, Ghost worship.  Spirits, un-hly Ghost.  6-Ether spirit forces, 3rd son Levi "to join" Ex 1:2

3rd Book Leviticus 3 month Moses, a Levite put in Nile Ex 2:1-3 3rd son of Canaan Jebusite Gen 10:16 they pray 3x a day They're here WAKE UP TIME


(I'm not really sure exactly when this letter was receive by the receiver, on the post it stated October 2004)

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