June 01, 2010

Sinkholes in Guatemala City

Signs of Time
They say the cause of this massive sinkhole in Guatemala city is cause by the tropical storm "Agatha".  
Humans always put the blame on something or someone else other than themselves.  The news states that many are dead due to the storm and mud slides.  As you can tell from the images below, Guatemalans is a poor city.  and the city lacks nature's presence.  Humans continue to abused Earth's natural resources.  Haven't the world learnt anything from the Philippine mudslides which killed many Filipinos and destroyed anything on its path.  The Filipinos were warned.  They were told to stop cutting their trees.  Because their trees will hold the water and stop the mud slides.  And ignoring this caused catastrophe.  And now again we see it in Guatemala city.  And worst.  A massive sinkhole.  There are no reports that the sinkhole swallowed anything up such as people or properties just yet.  But as you can see in the pictures, there was definitely something there before.  I guess we will soon learn soon.

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