January 26, 2010

If things couldn't get any worst

Last night, Sunday probably one of the most shocking night ever.  Sister Black, the younger sister of Dr. Malachi Z. York, miraculously got on the phone conference and asked the question that everyone 'till this day is wondering.  "WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY BROTHER'S LEGAL" and continue to say "MY MOTHER'S, WHO IS HIS MOTHER, WANTS TO KNOW?"  She goes on and explained how she has now been taking care of her mother for over seven years and no one checks up on her.  Mona, who is Mentu Hotep's wife, who resides in Brooklyn, NY asked black "Do you know the brother Chris? and didn't he helped?"  Sister Black asnswered her and stated I really don't want to go there.  But Mona again asked Sister Black about this brother Chris?  She said okay yes, "I had to Send Him Money Because He Was In Jail." 

By the way before Sister Black got on the phone conference which is a question and answer class that is scheduled every Sunday and gives updates on Dr. Malachi Z. Yorks' legal case, Dana Dixon was on the conference giving answers to questions.  Another word she was teaching.  Dana Dixon is also a part of the legal team and the administration. 

I'm going to post the audio recording so you can hear for your self.  I just cannot explain it enough.  The point is they didn't give any answer to her and they ran.  YES FOLKS THEY RAN AWAY!!! DANA DIXON RAN AWAY OFF THE PHONE.  Ignored Sister Black's question regarding her brother Dr. Malachi Z. York. 

To make things worst.  Waki called the conference few minutes after Sister Black was long gone.  and totally discredit her,  character assassinated her, called her a con artist and that she must have another agenda and even goes as far as Sister Black have people reporting to her.  It was soooo saaaadddd.  That Waki who is also Dr. Malachi Z. Yorks sister, just totally bashed her sister over 100 listeners worldwide.  What I don't understand is Sister Black didn't say anything negative.  She just wanted to know what is going on with her brother's case because the administration or her own family is not updating her.  and that her own mother is asking about her son, who is Dr. Malachi Z. York.

What the fuck was that about?   Can anybody else hear that.  Sister Black didn't asked for any money or help but just every now and then a phone call would be nice, she said.


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