June 13, 2012

Jan 26 2003 Newspaper clipping about Nuwaubians and Dr. Malachi Z. York

January 26, 2003
Sheriff, DA defend York plea agreement
by Rob Peecher
Telegraph Staff Writer

Made the cover of The Macon Telegraph once again.
Title:  Sills: He was doing his duty
For Putnam sheriff, Nuwaubian leader's fate is a battle won
by Rob Peecher

Notice on alot of these articles are written by Rob Peecher.  He used to write for Eatonton Messenger.  and writing about the Nuwaubians landed him a gig at Macon's Telegraph.  He continued to write bias and one sided articles about Nuwaubians.  He asisted Sheriff Sills on his campaign against Nuwaubians and Dr. Malachi Z. York.  Clearly shows that they have control of the media and what how people will perceived Nuwaubians.

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