September 22, 2010

FREE E-books by Dr. Malachi Z. York

So a friend of mine shared this link to me about free E-books by Dr. Malachi Z. York.  This person have the Man from Planet Rizq and Science of the Pyramids and a few others in their Lulu's web page.  Of course he inserted a few pages claiming that you shouldn't change or remove his credit page.  Anyway here's the link:

Horemeb Ankh page

Updated on Feb 1, 2011

I've been getting a lot of emails regarding the free e-books by Dr. Malachi Z. York.  and apparently Horemeb Ankh, no longer offer the Man from Planet Rizq e-book for FREE, and the Science of the Pyramids scroll.  Which is really sad.  Because that was the only reason why I gave him a free link and exposure on my website.  So before he could charge for the other scroll, I requested for  to post the free e-books on their website.  So if you want the free e-books, click HERE.  And enjoy.  and If I run into other free e-books by Dr. York, I will update this page.  And if you run into any free e-books by Dr. York, please share, as my friend did in this case.  Thank You.


  1. Email me where to upload. I have a few scrolls I would love to share... Hotep... 19...

  2. Please someone hook me up with the Man From Planet Rizq pdf i cant find it anywhere

  3. Please someone how to download these scrolls. Any of his books for that matter

  4. I went to and I can't find any of the books.please help me to what to do.I need this knowledge.

  5. Download the app for and it will allow to download pdf copies of these books also check out Facebook page called free nuwaupu books.


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