June 08, 2010

Letter from Dr. Malachi Z. York

Although this letter was addressed to me, this portion is for all from En.Marduq.Gal.

He writes:

To The Children of the Anunna

Well though I wear a crown of stars and comets and word of the Galactic Empire.  I was told it was un-Hallwed wrong knowledge that brought in the wrong Amber Light, the wrong time and fire from the heavens brough the wrong beings to earth the U.shum.Gal suffering to earthlings.

So I say this to you all.
Seek not to know the unknown, the unreal; for in that is to submit to SUEN.  (Sin).  Ask not to know of unseen, unreal for in that is to submit to SUEN. (Sin) Ask not how or why nor how much nor how many nor why me, why not her or him.

For in these is to submit to your sinful self.  He or she who disturbs this order of the mysterious ways of Nibiru and the universe it's self, can become your enemy.  Only seek what can be found.  Study to learn, to safe guard that which is truth and above all, the way of the teacher for you can touch him and he is the path to all you seek the reality of the unknown being made known.  No more secrets, no more faith, no more beliefs only facts.

The Right Knowledge, The Right Wisdom, The Right Overstandings, Wu-Nuwaubu.  The unknowing people, the liars, the slanders cry peace but there is none nor will there be any peace.  Those people cry let us just live on but for their sins they will be cursed, suffer, and even some die.  There is no such thing as the truth being subjected to absolute defeat nor victory for the liars against the powers of the Anunnaqi.

With much Ashuq.


(I have no idea who was this letter sent to or the date. my hard copy doesn't contain it.)

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