July 18, 2010

Why did Dr. Malachi Z. York Pleaded Guilty?

Many wants to know why the Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York pleaded guilty.  But what many doesn't know is Dr. York agree to a PLEA BARGAIN AGREEMENT.  

What was the Plea Bargain Agreement?
The Agreement between the prosecutor and the defendant was, Dr. York was to serve 12 years and 7 years mandatory.  And for the government to release the other 3 women that were arrested with him.  But the presiding Judge Hugh Lawson, disagreed with the term.  and said that, it wasn't enough time for the crime that he committed. At that point Judge Lawson was acting as if he was the prosecutor.  He already sees Dr. York as a guilty man and his judgment was already clouded.  That was considered biased on the judge behalf.   He just assumed that Dr. York was guilty and should be given more time.  But the prosecutor agreed to the term or the Plea Bargain.  And so the judge recused himself from the bench.  and now Judge C. Ashely Royal presides.

But what a lot of people don't know is that Dr. York wasn't suppose to be given a Plea Bargain in a Federal hearing not before a trial.  That is where the government messed up.  and they know it.  And to clean their act was to NOT AGREE to the Plea Bargain Agreement, they couldn't honor that.  Attorney Adrian Patrick explains it further in the following video.

View a full video documentary here from youtube

Ques:  So, did Dr. Malachi Z. York pleaded guilty?
Ans:  He sacrificed himself for the freedom of others as he always have.  and for that he is an honorable man. and indeed a GOD.

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