December 18, 2010

Old Photos of Tama-Re

These are old photos of Tama-Re back in the days.  It was actually called Kodesh, the Holy Land.  Thanks to a friend who didn't mind sharing these photos.

Temple of Imhotep.  One of the very first building build on Tama-Re.

The Brotherhood of Black Light, exiting the Imhotep Temple for procession.

Pylon, entrance of Tama-Re.  The view is from the inside of the land.

The Deity Lane, where flags of several countries aligned the lane.


ruins and an olmec head on Tama-Re

an entertainer performing on the stage.  This stage also held a lot of teachers including the Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Z. York.

cars driving in and out of Tama-Re


upclose view of Imhotep Temple.

Part of the obelisk.

Nuwaubians sitting on the base of the obelisk.

Train stop station.

the Imhotep Temple

Deity on Deities Lane.  As you can see in the background are tents where books and other paraphernalia are sold during Savior's Week on the land.

 the Black Mir "Pyramid"


  1. they have yoruba land we have nuwuapia land where we rever our ancient ancestors they couldnt stand to see the portal of the most high on earth and the children of nuwuapu become re-initiated back into divine kinship and queeen-ship,nor us take over buisness and rebuild property and connect with afrika and buy and trade as soveriegn indigenious peoples thye knew he would come as prophecies them keltics/withces who wathc the stars for the birth of the one sent and his host the angels of malachi to put the kingdom back in the hand of the righteous we have arrived! get ready for the gods incarnations as they removes isfet from the earth

  2. I'm surprised he pulled this off. Somebody had to be the poster child for what happens when you don't play by the rules.

    Too many cowards out here.


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