December 20, 2010

Questions and Answers regarding Dr. York legal case

  If you haven't tune in, It's the only forum I know of that exclusively talk about the false imprisonment of Dr. Malachi Z. York.  You can tune in every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 11:00pm to 1:00pm by call (646) 716-4678 or by visiting

fake letter accusing King of being an "Uncle Tom"

excerpt from The Rise and Fall of Elijah Muhammad, page 338

On March 29, 1968, COINTELPRO, official George C. Moore recommended to Sullivan that a fake letter accusing King of being an "Uncle Tom" be sent to "friendly media contacts."  The two paragraph letter read:

Martin Luther King, during the sanitation workers' strike ... has urged Negros to boycott downtown white merchants to achieved Negro demands.  On 3-29-68 King led a march for the sanitation workers.  Like Judas leading lambs to slaughter King led the marchers to violence, and when the violence broke out, King disappeared.  The fine Hotel Lorraine in Memphis is owned and patronized exclusively by Negroes but King didn't go there from his hasty exit.  Instead King decided the plush Holiday Inn Motel, white-owned, operated and almost exclusively white patronized, was the place to "cool it."  There will be no boycott of white merchants for King, only for his followers.

December 19, 2010

Live Entertainment on Tama-Re

Twinity with Publisher of Georgia Up & Coming Magazine

These are more photos of the October 2002 event.

Souldisiac performing live on Tama-Re, Egypt of the West

I don't know what happened to their group.  I hope they are still doing their thing and doing big things.

Again, these photos were taken around October 2002.  This was an event to raise money for the flight for the freedom of Dr. Malachi Z. York.  For more information on Dr. York's legal case visit


Ra-Serch.  If you haven't heard this brother first CD or 2nd album, its a must.  He's both powerful and very talented.  Every Nuwaubian should support him and buy his album.  I'm not sure any longer to what he's up to lately, but I just he's music.  They are versatile, knowledgeable, informative, and soulfully tasteful.

Nefu Amun Hotep

Nefu Amun Hotep

These photos were taken around October 2002.  Just a few months after Doc's May 8th 2002 arrest.  The family was trying to raise money so they decided to form a live entertainment on the land.

I can't remember her name.

I don't know what the award for either. 

anyway enjoy the photos and more to come.

More Blast from the Past!

Inside the Imhotep Temple

Following the Lamb

Tent City

making way for Doc.

I want that Shirt!

Osiris Statue

Before the Pyramid received its colors.


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