December 20, 2009

Question: Can you give examples of some of these deformities?

31.  Yes.  A.I.D.S.  a man made virus that alters the chromosomes.  Down Syndrome, Alzeheimer's, Cancer, Polio, Herpes, Hydrocephalic, Dwarfism, gigiantism, not to mention many forms of disfiguration, one which stands out in the Bible, is people having six toes, which religions people can't explain if man is in the image and after the likeness of god.  (2 Samuel 21:20, 1 Chronicles 20:6).

Question: Are flying rodents and reptilies a form of deformity?

34.  No. Being they all were originally from the sea.  Some examples are:  The bat, a rat-like mammal with wings.

Question: The bat is a roden or a mammal?

35.  A rodent is a mammal.

Watching 9/11 on the History Channel

People inside the world trade center are calling 911 and the 911 opertator is telling them to " JUST SIT TIGHT AND DON'T GO ANYWHERE"  repeatedly.  What the fuck!!!.  the building is on fire and the 911 operator tells them not go no where and just sit tight!.  Just horible!  Just horible!  this is the second time this year of me watching this.  and I still don't see why there are still people living in NY city after this horendous event!

And whats more disturbing is, it took 45 minutes before President Bush to make a statement.  There are so many conspiracy theories regarding this monumental day.  There are so many people believes that its a government conspiracy and an inside job.  I wonder for what purpose. 

The worst part is, the US government blames "Al Qaida" and "Bin Laden" but yet, they can find water on planet Mars but can't find Bin Laden. 

December 19, 2009

Question: And what do modern scientists classify a mammal as?

36.  Mammals are any of various warm-blooded vertebrate animals of the class Mammalia, including human beings, characterized by a covering of hair on the skin and, in the female, milk-producing mammary glands for nourishing the young.  [From Late Latin mammalis, of the breast, from Latin mamma, meaning "breast."

Question: Are humans mammals or reptilians?

37.  Both, they are a combination, having both lungs and gills.  As well as, wings.  Just as many snakes and whales have hips without legs, thus humans have wings beneath their arm pits, which they once used to fly and swim.

Question: Are you saying human beings once flew?

38.  Exactly, that's why their face and body is aero dynamic from the top of the head downward.  But when standing with a flat face and flat body, they are subject to the dangers of G force. 

39.  Humans as descendants of Reptilians once swarm in the deep seas and breathed using their gills as they did in the water sac of their mother's wombs.

Question: Now back to the fowls and bats, are they unnatural?

40.  The bat is the result of the unnatural breeding of the bird which accounts for its wings and the rat which accounts for the fury appearance on the body.

41.  Bats have a keen sense of heraing, which they use to guide them in their flight.

42.  Their wings are actually five fingers covered by a thin membrane.

43.  Bats are they only flying mammals.

Question: How many species of birds are there?

44.  There are many species of birds.

45.  They range in size from a wing span of six inches to a wing span of five feet.

46.  Bats depend of flying as a mode of movement even more than birds.

Question: Which other creatures are choice bred?

47.  The Aardvark is another choice bred creature.  It's commonly referred to as an Earth Pig."

48.  Some scientists claim that the origin of the Aardvark is unknown.

49.  It is described as having a stout pig-like body.

Question: Where did the Aardvark come from?

50.  The Aardvark is a mutation that occured on account of crossbreeding of the rodent, feline and the canine.  It is an offshoot in the making of the wild boar, who later was bleached into the albino domestic pig, or souse.

Question: You mean the pork that people eat is a genetic experiment?

51.  That is correct, in fact all white or albino reptiles, mammals and fowls are genetic mutants.  Intentionally bred for human genetic mutants.

Question: And are there others?

52.  Yes.  You also have Ligers and Tigons, also Tigion:  Under certain conditions, as in enforced confinement of zoos, tigers have been known to mate with lions.

53.  The offspring of such relations are called "Tigons" when the male parent is a tiger, and "Ligers" when the male parent is a tiger, and "Ligers" when the male parent is a lion, from the Bengal tooth tiger, related to the Saber tooth tiger of pre-historic times.

Question: What about the Mule?

54.  The Mule is another mixed animal.  It's the offspring of the horse and a Donkey.

55.  Mules are usually sterile because of the chromosomal difference of the parents.

56.  The interferes with the normal production and maturation of the sex cells.

57.  Thus, mules are incapable of reproducing their own kind.  However the female mules can be bred with a male horse or a male donkey and produced a foal, which the Bible Zechariah 9:9 clearly makes a mistake and says a colt is the foal of an ass.

58.  And this is an out right mistake, because of a foal is an offspring of a male horse and a female mule.

Question: So all life on this planet came from the same source, water?

59.  Actually the air that people breathe in daily is still a form of water.  Water takes many forms and densities. 

60.  So be they indigenous of ths planet of transportred to this planet to waters, you could say life on this planet had its origin in water.  Rising from the lowest to the highest.

December 18, 2009

Question: Could you explain further?

61.  Kane, the simplest form of animals range from one-celled protozoa to animals with a backbone.

62.  Western world scientists today are in the process of cloning and have successfully cloned sheep and mice.  A science that the ancient Tama-Reans and Sumerians had many thousands of years ago.

63.  Today, they are finally becoming able to clone a full grown sheep which means that they are able to clone full grown adults, as well as the re-growth of bones, tissues, and the likes.  As in ancient time, keloiding was a process of limb growth or regeneration.

64.  The cloning of the adult sheep was done by Dr. Ron James, managing director of Ppl therapeutics at the Roslin Institute, Edinburgh United Kingdom.

Dr. Ron James and Dr. Ian Wilmut
with some of the sheep cloned at Edinburgh's Roslin Institute.

Question: What is the meaning of the word clone?

65.  The word clone is from the Greek klon, meaning "twig".  Yet, is used in the scientific community as to make multiple identical copies of a DNA sequence.

66.  They prefer to use the word clone without giving you the definition.  They give you the above definition, because twig would reveal that the root of the word clone, "twig" is more related to grafting than breeding, as in the case of plants and fruits and even animals.

67.  They grafted a tangarine and peach to make a nectarine, or in the case of when the botanists wants to change the color of a plant they will graft twigs together and in the fourth generation create from a red the extreme which will be the albino white, then combine the two to create a spotted leper and then a pink plant.

68.  The principle also was used on humans.  Some were with Gibbons, and some with Baboons resulting in various species of the human race with different natures.

69.  some are born with the instincts to kill.

70.  The results are, some humans are herbivores and carnivorous.

71.  Some kill for the pleasure of it called serial killers, others for food called hunters and even some have a taste for human flesh called cannibals.

72.  As in 2Kings 6:28-29 and where Israelite women are boiling and eating their kids and Leviticus 26:29 where they are told to eat the flesh of your sons and daughters.

73.  These varying natures in humans, which result in mental disturbances to insanity, are a results of genetic tampering and crossbreeding with animals and reptilians.

Question: How does cloning or genetic splicing affect religion?

74.  The fact is that these scientific realities blows the covert off  of all religious beliefs that a god said "be" or "le there be", and puff, things came into existence.

75.  Scientific discoveries are making bibles and Qur'ans appear as what they are.  Myths and fables are not supported by any scientific data.

December 17, 2009

Question: So what about God?

76.  If these scientific facts are true, and they have been true, then the religious concept of creationis wrong, and you don't need their kind of god to create.

77.  President Bill Clinton had banned cloning, which led private business to fund these projects.

78.  Researchers in Scotland have developed a technique for cloning unlimited numbers of genetically indistinguishable sheep.

79.  Only five identical lambs have been created so far, and three died in the first days of life.

80.  But scientists said the success could open the door to mass production of gene-altered animals with desirable traits, such as sheep with better wool or pigs with humanized organs suitable for transplantation into people.

81.  Researchers said that the technique could also be used to clone human embryos.

82.  However this was banned by President Clinton.

83.  Some scientists, namely Keith H.S. Campbell, Ian Wilmut and their colleagues at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh describe their approach to cloning animals.

Question: What did they say?

84.  They stated that they started with a 9 old sheep embryo, made of a hundred or so cells, which they removed from a pregnant ewe.

85.  The team allowed these cells to divide repeatedly in culture dishes.

86.  In less than a week, thousands of the identical cells filled several dishes.

87.  Separately, the researchers gave hormone shots to female sheep to induce the release of eggs from their ovaries, much as fertility specialists induce ovulation in women trying to become pregnant.

88.  This team created a healthy lamb from a normal adult cell taken from the udder of an ewe.

89.  While it took Scottish scientists almost 300 embryos to produce one healthy sheep named Dolly, which some of the offspring were deformed and died.

December 15, 2009

Question: How about animals other than sheep, any closer to human?

90.  Yes.  Researchers at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center announced they had produced two monkeys with procedure similar to that used by Scottish researchers.

91.  The cloning of the Rhesus monkeys, born in August, used primitive embroys, rather than adult animals, as in the cloning with the sheep.

Question: So man is now god and is creating?

92.  Yes, if these are facts, and these are facts.

93  This totally destroys religious concepts, that says that only god can create.

94.  Religion cannot answer to the fact that humans have taken the role of what they call god, or Eloheem, or Yahweh, or Thehos, or Allah and are creating and making.

95.  So if man is in the image and likeness of God, then God was creating Gods, who will in time do what Gods do, create more gods, thus man created by god is now creating.

Question: What is the difference between creating and making?

96.  Creating is growing something from nothing, and making is utilizing things already grown.

How can you grow something from nothing?

97.  The key is some-thing. or the sum of something.

98.  When you plant a seed you have one type of thing, or its sum or total.

99.  Once that seed grows into a tree and yields a fruit or flower, it has become several different things.

Question: Can you explain further?

100.  Ofcourse, the seed is one thing.  The tree another, the leaves another and the fruit yet another.

101.  Yet, they all have their origin in the original seed.

102.  Without the sun's light, the water and the earth, simply Ta-Ma-Re, you would have no growth or creation.

Question: And as for making?

103.  Yes, as for making, once the apple is grown, picked, peeled and cooked to make apple sauce of apple pie, you have made something, from something grown or created

Question: How does this relate to humans?

104.  Well, you have your Ta-Ma-Re as Atum, Atun, and Amun.

105.  You have your seeds or cells and they are developed and grown in the laboratories.

106.  Then these seeds are brought together and we have a type of being.

December 13, 2009

Question: What do you mean by a type of being?

107.  Well, if you look around you will see that there are all different types of beings, be they animal, reptile, amphibian or even insect, and of course the human animal.

Question: The human animal what do you mean?

108.  Humans would like to see themselves as other than a part of the animal kingdom, when they do and act just like all other animals.

109.  They kill to survive they scheme, they shed, they copulate, they produce and they die.  There are many different breeds of humans.

Question: Different breeds of humans?

110.  Yes, more than just the normals accepted concept of the three races.  The first being, what's called the Negroid, the second being, the Mongoloid, and the third being the Caucasoid.  Within each one of these races there are many species.

Question: And how will I recognize them?

111.  Different heights, bone structure, skin texture, hair texture, color, blood types.  The whole variety of different metabolism reveal just like different breeds of canines.  You have so many different dogs, yet all belonging to the canine family, the same applies to the human animal, from the chiwawa to the great dane, from the Pygmy to the Watusi.  That's just within the Negroid stock.

Question: Which race was first?

112.  Without sounding racist, or prejudice, science, anthropology, geneticist have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that the Negroids were the first on this planet and that all others came from them.

Question: Does that makes them the mothers and fathers of all other races?

113.  Actually yes and no, because it makes them the mothers of all others, being all people come from the woman.

Question: So the woman is God?

114.  That is the unspoken but well known truth in the scientific community, that God produces Gods.  So I repeat, when God was creating God and said "I create in my own image and after my own likeness", this creating God would have to have the power of God to create other Gods, thus the perpetuation of God eternal was in the original creation of God.

This is how it was, and this is how it will be

December 12, 2009

December 6 2009 Earthquakes in Baldwin county, Milledgeville, Georgia

Many people in Baldwin, Wilkinson and Washington Counties say they felt a tremor Sunday.
The U.S. Geological Survey's website confirmed a small earthquake with a 3.2 magnitude in Washington County just before 7:30 p.m.
The website says the quake was about 7 miles west of Deepstep in Washington County and 12 miles east-southeast of Milledgeville.
Linda Webster from Milledgeville called the 13WMAZ newsroom and said she felt the tremble.
"It was like a big truck rumbling," she said.
Dwayne Hancock, who lives between Milledgeville and Gordon, said he felt the quake around 7:25 p.m. He said it shook the glass around his fireplace, but didn't cause any damage. He described it as a "soft rumble."

No one who called the Eyewitness Newsroom reported any damage or injuries.

Earthquakes in Middle Georgia?

The United States Geological Survey reports two small earthquakes in Central Georgia on Saturday.
According to the USGS website, a 3.1 magnitude earthquake shook Central Georgia around 4:45 p.m. Saturday afternoon.
The earthquake was located beneath Lake Sinclair, 7 miles northeast of Milledgeville and 14 miles southeast of Eatonton.
About 10 minutes later, the USGS reported another quake with a magnitude of 2.2 in Hancock County.
Mercer University Physics Department Chairman Randall Peters was tracking the groundshaking activity.
Peters says he uses a device called a VolksMeter, a digital seismograph capable of recording seismic waves from around the world.
He says the rainy weather may be to blame for Saturday's events.
Peters says lake level changes can trigger smaller earthquakes, and because we've had such a large influx of water into the lake in the last two weeks, that is probably a factor.
He says earthquakes are nearly impossible to predict and pretty rare in Central Georgia, especially of this magnitude.
Viewers told 13WMAZ they felt the ground shake, and heard what sounded like an explosion.
"Everybody kind of rushed around trying to figure out what fell and where the noise was coming from. Then we went outside because we couldn't figure it out. I even saw some fishermen out there and I said, 'did you hear that,'" said Louida Salmon.
One viewer, who lives in northwest Baldwin County, says the foundation cracked at his home.
Deputies at Baldwin, Putnam, and Hancock County Sheriff's Offices say they have not received any damage reports.
Jesse Ethridge, who lives on Lake Sinclair, said: "I called the sheriff's department in Eatonton, which is about ten miles from here, asked them what was going on. They said that they didn't know but they felt it also."

John D'Agnese lives in Jeri Shai Lakeside Park in Putnam County.
He says he was cooking on Saturday afternoon when all of the sudden, his trailer shook and he thought it was some kind of sonic boom.
Living on Lake Sinclair, he says he did not expect an earthquake to rattle his trailer.
His neighbor Bill Roberts says he was just as confused about the loud rumbling outside.
Roberts says he first thought the sound was road construction or some type of blast at the Georgia Power Plant across the lake.
Deputies with Baldwin, Putnam and Hancock Counties say they didn't receive any damage reports from the earthquakes.
Randall Peters says smaller earthquakes can cause damage to dams, but Georgia Power officials say there were no threats to the Lake Sinclair dam.
Peters says his research shows the last recorded earthquake of a similar magnitude nearby was in Haddock, in Jones County, back in 1964.

He says that quake registered at a magnitude of 5.

December 10, 2009

Vortex appeared in Norway

What what are reffering to an spiral light, appears out of no where without any explanations from anyone.  Is it a vortex?  But the questions should be what came out of this vortex or what went in? and why is the government have no comment about this, especially they are associating it with the coming of Obama to receive the Noble Peace Prize.

December 07, 2009

Climate Change Cover-Up?

CNN - Wow!, finally they have proof that government is involve in major conspiracy to hide the facts from the public. Even as much as influence editors of publications who promotes that we are about to undergo a major climate change and that we must be prepared as a people when this change will occur, not if it occurs. And yet, no one in the government is taking the blame or responsibility for violating FOI "Freedom of Information" act.

Why is it necessary for the governement to hide the facts from the public? According to CNN, the email contents its really scary. the government is really hiding the facts that the fucking earth is really heating up.

I wonder do they have these big ships and preparing to aboard soon? 2012?

December 05, 2009

Why Nefu Amu Hotep?

I'm going to ask what many are afraid of asking or dare not to ask.

Ques: Why was Nefu Amun Hotep or Elizabeth Westbrook chosen to lead the Nuwaupians?

Ans: According to Westbrook, who is now the head of the Nuwaupians World Wide, she was chosen not just the leader of Nuwapians but their spiritual leader and messenger. This decision was made during one of her visit to Dr. Malachi Z. York while in prison in Supermax ADX in Colorado Florence.

Why do Nuwaupians need another leader?
Why was she chosen?
Why not Hagar? Dr. Malachi Z. York's own blood, daughter.
Why not choose from his bloodline?

I'm not asking this questions because I dislike Nefu or Elizabeth. Not at all. I'm merely asking because Dr. York's teachings and doctrine, throughout his books and different school of thought, he was adamant regarding his bloodline. He can trace his bloodline all the way to prophet Muhammad and even to Ben York and Sacajawea.

If bloodline was no importance, why must he make it so important to us? Why do we need another messenger? and what message and where is the message coming from? Isn't 30 years of Dr. Malachi Z. York's teaching enough? Shouldn't we have plenty of information to disect and study.

He has given us:

  • The Sons of the Greenlight

  • The Ancient Mystic Order of Melchizedek

  • The Ancient Egiptian Order

He has given us the Holy Tablets, Degree of Christism, Muhammadism, and Judaism, plenty of Guidance from the Masters Series, hundreds of audio and video questions and answers class. and yet we still want more. But are Nuwaupians applying it to their everyday life. Are there Nuwaupians worth the title "ROLE MODELS". Are there any Nuwaupians Role Models?

I don't want to make it seems like I'm talking about my spiritual sister Nefu Amun Hotep. But she submits to her husband, how can she leads the people. She gets physically abused by him and puts up with it. What kind of message is that being relayed to the Nuwaupians women and children. Should they do what she does. Should they put up with an abusive mate? Is that ok?

Doc always taught us to question them, especially if it involves your soul. "Test their spirit" Doc said.

I know this much, the women surrounds Nefu makes me question her. Rana, who was caught in a scandal with Rick. Rana who have an affair with Rick who is involved with Angel and have children by Angel. Rana's scandalous, too revealing photos unfold that she sent to Rick via cell phone unfolds all over youtube. Her skeleton uncovers in front of everyone eyes.

Robbie, who gets into physical altercations with, I feel the one and only Dr. York's soldier, Richelle. Was it a coincidence that Richelle disappeared her violent encounter with Robbie. And left no explanation to the community. I don't know what happened. All I know is Robbie beats her ass and Richelle is no more. and thats when you don't hear any more legal fights regarding the freedom of Dr. York.

Everyone is so focus on the so called "messenger" Elizabeth Westbrook also known as the entertainer Nefu Amun Hotep. She even have body guard, I heard.

But who was guarding Dr. Malachi Z. York during his arrest?

Why the change in Dr. York's name?

Ques: Why the Nuwaupians administration changing Dr. York's name?

Ans: Did you know that Nuwaupians are now stating that Dr. York name is no longer officially "Dr. Malachi Z. York" it is now "Dr. Malachi K York". Was this legally done? and how will this help him legally? Was it necessary for him to change his name? Or is this a mere part of massive COINTELPRO conspiracy?

For years Dr. Malachi Z. York has been claiming "misnomer" stating that he was arrested and prosecuted under false name. He is currently incarcerated as Dwight D. York which he claims is not him.

What happened to the fight?

Ques: Whatever happened to the fight to free Dr. Malachi Z. York?

Ans: There have been no recent updates to the freedom of Dr. Malachi Z. York. In May 8th of 2002, Dr. Malachi Z. York was arrested for alledgedly commiting "Interstate Commerce" crime. Did the administration give up? Are there any fighters left? Are there any soldiers left to fight this war? In the beginning of this case, many of Dr. Malachi Z. York's followers called Nuwaubians were fighting for him diligently. They kept the community and media updated with their ongoing struggle to free the Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York. They had an official website with detail information of the case. The website was full of videos of witnesses testifying about the conspiracy to incarcerate Dr. York and even a video and affidavits of the prosecutors main witness recanting her false testimony about Dr. York? Nuwaubians administrations had flyers, newsletters, newspapers, magazines circulating worldwide. But what happened to them?

Nuwaubians such as Richelle York, Rick also known as "Anubu", Al Woodall and many others, all stepped off or just merely disappeared from the scenes. There are rumors that Richelle who appeared to work so hard for Dr. York's freedom is now being accused of an FBI agent, or are they victims of what many are considering "COINTELPRO"?

Now it seems that the only updates that Nuwaubians are getting regarding the Dr. Malachi Z. York is more doctrine. If I can recall correctly, I thought Dr. York stated in one posted letter from from him, is that he will not teach behind bars.

Have Nuwaubians lost their hope and energy to fight for their chosen one?

Dr. Malachi Z. York's books

After five years living and working on the land, I felt it was time to go. One of my main reason of moving was, I wanted a better educational system for my daughter. I was thinking of my daughter's future. I've seen sister moved out and get put out the land. It broke my heart to see 'em go. Especially those I've gotten to know over the years. There are many reasons contributed for making my decision to move out. But overall, I really felt that I've grown and was ready to face the world.

Doc use to tell us that Nuwaubians or Nuwaupians choose this lifestyle because the world failed them or they failed the world. I have to put myself in that bracket. Doc gave me the knowledge and confidence that I can now survive it with ease and excitement and determination fueled my quest. But I needed one final push and Doc made it possible.

I felt like I was betraying him so I decided to leave while he was away. Not knowing that he would return and see me packed and waiting for a ride out the pylon with tears. Ofcourse there was drama when I left. Gwen went through my things and decided that they are going to keep my laptop and diary to make sure I'm not an FBI agent. I felt betrayed, how could have she thought that. Other sisters took all of my pictures with Doc. They really meant a lot to me, as if they were taking my memories. They even went as bold as taking all of my books my Nuwaubian books that I purchased and had with me prior to moving on the land. They took my batla nubis, nuwaubian dresses, that meant dearly because they were given to me on special occassions by Doc. I was upset. I swore I was going to call Sills on them. I was mad. I was furious. When Doc returned he demanded that they return my belongings. Zubaydah was walking towards me carrying my gowns and dresses they confiscated. I was furious, just wanted to leave and anger filled my chest. I don't know how i managed to cope at that moment but now I can't barely recall what happend afterwards.

And so I decided to re-start my collection of books by Dr. Malachi Z. York. and surely there were Nuwaubians or people like me that lost their books and wanted their collection or start their collection and I embark on a mission to have these books available to everyone. I started out the the Supreme Mathematics Series:
  1. Man from Planet Rizq
  2. Melanin-ite Children
  3. Are There Black Devils?
  4. Science of Creation
  5. Shamballah & Aghaarta
  6. The Wisemen
  7. Extraterrestrials And Creation
  8. Humans were created From ....

These books are now available for purchase on my ebay store...

I felt it was necessary to include the Right Knowledge Series below

  1. What is Nuwaupu?
  2. Breaking the Spell on Blacks
  3. Our True Roots
  4. Right Knowledge

But now I face oppossition. There are certain individual like Anthony Montgomery, who do not want these books out because I'm the one whose putting them out and making them available. They even go as far as having meeting about me stating that I'm changing the doctrine or manipulating the information in the books. I assure you, and ANU, the Most High, knows that is UNTRUE. FALSE ACCUSATIONS. But thats what disagreeable does. They do their job. and they don't want RIGHT KNOWLEDGE INFORMATION out.

December 04, 2009

The Movie 2012

Another end of the world movie where the president is "African American". Is it me or it seems like majority of the "End of the World" movies seems to always have an African American President?

Danny Glover plays the president role in the Moview 2012. due to earth's crust destablelizing, the humans are going to experience major natural catostrophe, that no human being can survive if you're on land. They build massive ships and only 400,000 people out of billions of the world population will be saved. And ofcourse unless you are super rich, you can afford the ticket.

Through the magic of the movie, the survivors was able to manage inside the ships that the 46 nations funded. But I still don't see how they survive. They would have to survive the ocean waves and the ships would have to have the capability to withstand monstreous super waves and tsunami waves. and the ships didn't seems to have the capability of submarines although they weren't built as your typical ships.

It was still an interesting and very entertaining movie. and I love the special effects.

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