December 20, 2009

Question: Can you give examples of some of these deformities?

31.  Yes.  A.I.D.S.  a man made virus that alters the chromosomes.  Down Syndrome, Alzeheimer's, Cancer, Polio, Herpes, Hydrocephalic, Dwarfism, gigiantism, not to mention many forms of disfiguration, one which stands out in the Bible, is people having six toes, which religions people can't explain if man is in the image and after the likeness of god.  (2 Samuel 21:20, 1 Chronicles 20:6).

Question: Are flying rodents and reptilies a form of deformity?

34.  No. Being they all were originally from the sea.  Some examples are:  The bat, a rat-like mammal with wings.

Question: The bat is a roden or a mammal?

35.  A rodent is a mammal.

Watching 9/11 on the History Channel

People inside the world trade center are calling 911 and the 911 opertator is telling them to " JUST SIT TIGHT AND DON'T GO ANYWHERE"  repeatedly.  What the fuck!!!.  the building is on fire and the 911 operator tells them not go no where and just sit tight!.  Just horible!  Just horible!  this is the second time this year of me watching this.  and I still don't see why there are still people living in NY city after this horendous event!

And whats more disturbing is, it took 45 minutes before President Bush to make a statement.  There are so many conspiracy theories regarding this monumental day.  There are so many people believes that its a government conspiracy and an inside job.  I wonder for what purpose. 

The worst part is, the US government blames "Al Qaida" and "Bin Laden" but yet, they can find water on planet Mars but can't find Bin Laden. 

December 19, 2009

Question: And what do modern scientists classify a mammal as?

36.  Mammals are any of various warm-blooded vertebrate animals of the class Mammalia, including human beings, characterized by a covering of hair on the skin and, in the female, milk-producing mammary glands for nourishing the young.  [From Late Latin mammalis, of the breast, from Latin mamma, meaning "breast."

Question: Are humans mammals or reptilians?

37.  Both, they are a combination, having both lungs and gills.  As well as, wings.  Just as many snakes and whales have hips without legs, thus humans have wings beneath their arm pits, which they once used to fly and swim.

Question: Are you saying human beings once flew?

38.  Exactly, that's why their face and body is aero dynamic from the top of the head downward.  But when standing with a flat face and flat body, they are subject to the dangers of G force. 

39.  Humans as descendants of Reptilians once swarm in the deep seas and breathed using their gills as they did in the water sac of their mother's wombs.

Question: Now back to the fowls and bats, are they unnatural?

40.  The bat is the result of the unnatural breeding of the bird which accounts for its wings and the rat which accounts for the fury appearance on the body.

41.  Bats have a keen sense of heraing, which they use to guide them in their flight.

42.  Their wings are actually five fingers covered by a thin membrane.

43.  Bats are they only flying mammals.

Question: How many species of birds are there?

44.  There are many species of birds.

45.  They range in size from a wing span of six inches to a wing span of five feet.

46.  Bats depend of flying as a mode of movement even more than birds.

Question: Which other creatures are choice bred?

47.  The Aardvark is another choice bred creature.  It's commonly referred to as an Earth Pig."

48.  Some scientists claim that the origin of the Aardvark is unknown.

49.  It is described as having a stout pig-like body.

Question: Where did the Aardvark come from?

50.  The Aardvark is a mutation that occured on account of crossbreeding of the rodent, feline and the canine.  It is an offshoot in the making of the wild boar, who later was bleached into the albino domestic pig, or souse.

Question: You mean the pork that people eat is a genetic experiment?

51.  That is correct, in fact all white or albino reptiles, mammals and fowls are genetic mutants.  Intentionally bred for human genetic mutants.

Question: And are there others?

52.  Yes.  You also have Ligers and Tigons, also Tigion:  Under certain conditions, as in enforced confinement of zoos, tigers have been known to mate with lions.

53.  The offspring of such relations are called "Tigons" when the male parent is a tiger, and "Ligers" when the male parent is a tiger, and "Ligers" when the male parent is a lion, from the Bengal tooth tiger, related to the Saber tooth tiger of pre-historic times.

Question: What about the Mule?

54.  The Mule is another mixed animal.  It's the offspring of the horse and a Donkey.

55.  Mules are usually sterile because of the chromosomal difference of the parents.

56.  The interferes with the normal production and maturation of the sex cells.

57.  Thus, mules are incapable of reproducing their own kind.  However the female mules can be bred with a male horse or a male donkey and produced a foal, which the Bible Zechariah 9:9 clearly makes a mistake and says a colt is the foal of an ass.

58.  And this is an out right mistake, because of a foal is an offspring of a male horse and a female mule.

Question: So all life on this planet came from the same source, water?

59.  Actually the air that people breathe in daily is still a form of water.  Water takes many forms and densities. 

60.  So be they indigenous of ths planet of transportred to this planet to waters, you could say life on this planet had its origin in water.  Rising from the lowest to the highest.

December 18, 2009

Question: Could you explain further?

61.  Kane, the simplest form of animals range from one-celled protozoa to animals with a backbone.

62.  Western world scientists today are in the process of cloning and have successfully cloned sheep and mice.  A science that the ancient Tama-Reans and Sumerians had many thousands of years ago.

63.  Today, they are finally becoming able to clone a full grown sheep which means that they are able to clone full grown adults, as well as the re-growth of bones, tissues, and the likes.  As in ancient time, keloiding was a process of limb growth or regeneration.

64.  The cloning of the adult sheep was done by Dr. Ron James, managing director of Ppl therapeutics at the Roslin Institute, Edinburgh United Kingdom.

Dr. Ron James and Dr. Ian Wilmut
with some of the sheep cloned at Edinburgh's Roslin Institute.

Question: What is the meaning of the word clone?

65.  The word clone is from the Greek klon, meaning "twig".  Yet, is used in the scientific community as to make multiple identical copies of a DNA sequence.

66.  They prefer to use the word clone without giving you the definition.  They give you the above definition, because twig would reveal that the root of the word clone, "twig" is more related to grafting than breeding, as in the case of plants and fruits and even animals.

67.  They grafted a tangarine and peach to make a nectarine, or in the case of when the botanists wants to change the color of a plant they will graft twigs together and in the fourth generation create from a red the extreme which will be the albino white, then combine the two to create a spotted leper and then a pink plant.

68.  The principle also was used on humans.  Some were with Gibbons, and some with Baboons resulting in various species of the human race with different natures.

69.  some are born with the instincts to kill.

70.  The results are, some humans are herbivores and carnivorous.

71.  Some kill for the pleasure of it called serial killers, others for food called hunters and even some have a taste for human flesh called cannibals.

72.  As in 2Kings 6:28-29 and where Israelite women are boiling and eating their kids and Leviticus 26:29 where they are told to eat the flesh of your sons and daughters.

73.  These varying natures in humans, which result in mental disturbances to insanity, are a results of genetic tampering and crossbreeding with animals and reptilians.

Question: How does cloning or genetic splicing affect religion?

74.  The fact is that these scientific realities blows the covert off  of all religious beliefs that a god said "be" or "le there be", and puff, things came into existence.

75.  Scientific discoveries are making bibles and Qur'ans appear as what they are.  Myths and fables are not supported by any scientific data.

December 17, 2009

Question: So what about God?

76.  If these scientific facts are true, and they have been true, then the religious concept of creationis wrong, and you don't need their kind of god to create.

77.  President Bill Clinton had banned cloning, which led private business to fund these projects.

78.  Researchers in Scotland have developed a technique for cloning unlimited numbers of genetically indistinguishable sheep.

79.  Only five identical lambs have been created so far, and three died in the first days of life.

80.  But scientists said the success could open the door to mass production of gene-altered animals with desirable traits, such as sheep with better wool or pigs with humanized organs suitable for transplantation into people.

81.  Researchers said that the technique could also be used to clone human embryos.

82.  However this was banned by President Clinton.

83.  Some scientists, namely Keith H.S. Campbell, Ian Wilmut and their colleagues at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh describe their approach to cloning animals.

Question: What did they say?

84.  They stated that they started with a 9 old sheep embryo, made of a hundred or so cells, which they removed from a pregnant ewe.

85.  The team allowed these cells to divide repeatedly in culture dishes.

86.  In less than a week, thousands of the identical cells filled several dishes.

87.  Separately, the researchers gave hormone shots to female sheep to induce the release of eggs from their ovaries, much as fertility specialists induce ovulation in women trying to become pregnant.

88.  This team created a healthy lamb from a normal adult cell taken from the udder of an ewe.

89.  While it took Scottish scientists almost 300 embryos to produce one healthy sheep named Dolly, which some of the offspring were deformed and died.

December 15, 2009

Question: How about animals other than sheep, any closer to human?

90.  Yes.  Researchers at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center announced they had produced two monkeys with procedure similar to that used by Scottish researchers.

91.  The cloning of the Rhesus monkeys, born in August, used primitive embroys, rather than adult animals, as in the cloning with the sheep.

Question: So man is now god and is creating?

92.  Yes, if these are facts, and these are facts.

93  This totally destroys religious concepts, that says that only god can create.

94.  Religion cannot answer to the fact that humans have taken the role of what they call god, or Eloheem, or Yahweh, or Thehos, or Allah and are creating and making.

95.  So if man is in the image and likeness of God, then God was creating Gods, who will in time do what Gods do, create more gods, thus man created by god is now creating.

Question: What is the difference between creating and making?

96.  Creating is growing something from nothing, and making is utilizing things already grown.

How can you grow something from nothing?

97.  The key is some-thing. or the sum of something.

98.  When you plant a seed you have one type of thing, or its sum or total.

99.  Once that seed grows into a tree and yields a fruit or flower, it has become several different things.

Question: Can you explain further?

100.  Ofcourse, the seed is one thing.  The tree another, the leaves another and the fruit yet another.

101.  Yet, they all have their origin in the original seed.

102.  Without the sun's light, the water and the earth, simply Ta-Ma-Re, you would have no growth or creation.

Question: And as for making?

103.  Yes, as for making, once the apple is grown, picked, peeled and cooked to make apple sauce of apple pie, you have made something, from something grown or created

Question: How does this relate to humans?

104.  Well, you have your Ta-Ma-Re as Atum, Atun, and Amun.

105.  You have your seeds or cells and they are developed and grown in the laboratories.

106.  Then these seeds are brought together and we have a type of being.

December 13, 2009

Question: What do you mean by a type of being?

107.  Well, if you look around you will see that there are all different types of beings, be they animal, reptile, amphibian or even insect, and of course the human animal.

Question: The human animal what do you mean?

108.  Humans would like to see themselves as other than a part of the animal kingdom, when they do and act just like all other animals.

109.  They kill to survive they scheme, they shed, they copulate, they produce and they die.  There are many different breeds of humans.

Question: Different breeds of humans?

110.  Yes, more than just the normals accepted concept of the three races.  The first being, what's called the Negroid, the second being, the Mongoloid, and the third being the Caucasoid.  Within each one of these races there are many species.

Question: And how will I recognize them?

111.  Different heights, bone structure, skin texture, hair texture, color, blood types.  The whole variety of different metabolism reveal just like different breeds of canines.  You have so many different dogs, yet all belonging to the canine family, the same applies to the human animal, from the chiwawa to the great dane, from the Pygmy to the Watusi.  That's just within the Negroid stock.

Question: Which race was first?

112.  Without sounding racist, or prejudice, science, anthropology, geneticist have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that the Negroids were the first on this planet and that all others came from them.

Question: Does that makes them the mothers and fathers of all other races?

113.  Actually yes and no, because it makes them the mothers of all others, being all people come from the woman.

Question: So the woman is God?

114.  That is the unspoken but well known truth in the scientific community, that God produces Gods.  So I repeat, when God was creating God and said "I create in my own image and after my own likeness", this creating God would have to have the power of God to create other Gods, thus the perpetuation of God eternal was in the original creation of God.

This is how it was, and this is how it will be

December 12, 2009

December 6 2009 Earthquakes in Baldwin county, Milledgeville, Georgia

Many people in Baldwin, Wilkinson and Washington Counties say they felt a tremor Sunday.
The U.S. Geological Survey's website confirmed a small earthquake with a 3.2 magnitude in Washington County just before 7:30 p.m.
The website says the quake was about 7 miles west of Deepstep in Washington County and 12 miles east-southeast of Milledgeville.
Linda Webster from Milledgeville called the 13WMAZ newsroom and said she felt the tremble.
"It was like a big truck rumbling," she said.
Dwayne Hancock, who lives between Milledgeville and Gordon, said he felt the quake around 7:25 p.m. He said it shook the glass around his fireplace, but didn't cause any damage. He described it as a "soft rumble."

No one who called the Eyewitness Newsroom reported any damage or injuries.

Earthquakes in Middle Georgia?

The United States Geological Survey reports two small earthquakes in Central Georgia on Saturday.
According to the USGS website, a 3.1 magnitude earthquake shook Central Georgia around 4:45 p.m. Saturday afternoon.
The earthquake was located beneath Lake Sinclair, 7 miles northeast of Milledgeville and 14 miles southeast of Eatonton.
About 10 minutes later, the USGS reported another quake with a magnitude of 2.2 in Hancock County.
Mercer University Physics Department Chairman Randall Peters was tracking the groundshaking activity.
Peters says he uses a device called a VolksMeter, a digital seismograph capable of recording seismic waves from around the world.
He says the rainy weather may be to blame for Saturday's events.
Peters says lake level changes can trigger smaller earthquakes, and because we've had such a large influx of water into the lake in the last two weeks, that is probably a factor.
He says earthquakes are nearly impossible to predict and pretty rare in Central Georgia, especially of this magnitude.
Viewers told 13WMAZ they felt the ground shake, and heard what sounded like an explosion.
"Everybody kind of rushed around trying to figure out what fell and where the noise was coming from. Then we went outside because we couldn't figure it out. I even saw some fishermen out there and I said, 'did you hear that,'" said Louida Salmon.
One viewer, who lives in northwest Baldwin County, says the foundation cracked at his home.
Deputies at Baldwin, Putnam, and Hancock County Sheriff's Offices say they have not received any damage reports.
Jesse Ethridge, who lives on Lake Sinclair, said: "I called the sheriff's department in Eatonton, which is about ten miles from here, asked them what was going on. They said that they didn't know but they felt it also."

John D'Agnese lives in Jeri Shai Lakeside Park in Putnam County.
He says he was cooking on Saturday afternoon when all of the sudden, his trailer shook and he thought it was some kind of sonic boom.
Living on Lake Sinclair, he says he did not expect an earthquake to rattle his trailer.
His neighbor Bill Roberts says he was just as confused about the loud rumbling outside.
Roberts says he first thought the sound was road construction or some type of blast at the Georgia Power Plant across the lake.
Deputies with Baldwin, Putnam and Hancock Counties say they didn't receive any damage reports from the earthquakes.
Randall Peters says smaller earthquakes can cause damage to dams, but Georgia Power officials say there were no threats to the Lake Sinclair dam.
Peters says his research shows the last recorded earthquake of a similar magnitude nearby was in Haddock, in Jones County, back in 1964.

He says that quake registered at a magnitude of 5.

December 10, 2009

Vortex appeared in Norway

What what are reffering to an spiral light, appears out of no where without any explanations from anyone.  Is it a vortex?  But the questions should be what came out of this vortex or what went in? and why is the government have no comment about this, especially they are associating it with the coming of Obama to receive the Noble Peace Prize.

December 07, 2009

Climate Change Cover-Up?

CNN - Wow!, finally they have proof that government is involve in major conspiracy to hide the facts from the public. Even as much as influence editors of publications who promotes that we are about to undergo a major climate change and that we must be prepared as a people when this change will occur, not if it occurs. And yet, no one in the government is taking the blame or responsibility for violating FOI "Freedom of Information" act.

Why is it necessary for the governement to hide the facts from the public? According to CNN, the email contents its really scary. the government is really hiding the facts that the fucking earth is really heating up.

I wonder do they have these big ships and preparing to aboard soon? 2012?

December 05, 2009

Why Nefu Amu Hotep?

I'm going to ask what many are afraid of asking or dare not to ask.

Ques: Why was Nefu Amun Hotep or Elizabeth Westbrook chosen to lead the Nuwaupians?

Ans: According to Westbrook, who is now the head of the Nuwaupians World Wide, she was chosen not just the leader of Nuwapians but their spiritual leader and messenger. This decision was made during one of her visit to Dr. Malachi Z. York while in prison in Supermax ADX in Colorado Florence.

Why do Nuwaupians need another leader?
Why was she chosen?
Why not Hagar? Dr. Malachi Z. York's own blood, daughter.
Why not choose from his bloodline?

I'm not asking this questions because I dislike Nefu or Elizabeth. Not at all. I'm merely asking because Dr. York's teachings and doctrine, throughout his books and different school of thought, he was adamant regarding his bloodline. He can trace his bloodline all the way to prophet Muhammad and even to Ben York and Sacajawea.

If bloodline was no importance, why must he make it so important to us? Why do we need another messenger? and what message and where is the message coming from? Isn't 30 years of Dr. Malachi Z. York's teaching enough? Shouldn't we have plenty of information to disect and study.

He has given us:

  • The Sons of the Greenlight

  • The Ancient Mystic Order of Melchizedek

  • The Ancient Egiptian Order

He has given us the Holy Tablets, Degree of Christism, Muhammadism, and Judaism, plenty of Guidance from the Masters Series, hundreds of audio and video questions and answers class. and yet we still want more. But are Nuwaupians applying it to their everyday life. Are there Nuwaupians worth the title "ROLE MODELS". Are there any Nuwaupians Role Models?

I don't want to make it seems like I'm talking about my spiritual sister Nefu Amun Hotep. But she submits to her husband, how can she leads the people. She gets physically abused by him and puts up with it. What kind of message is that being relayed to the Nuwaupians women and children. Should they do what she does. Should they put up with an abusive mate? Is that ok?

Doc always taught us to question them, especially if it involves your soul. "Test their spirit" Doc said.

I know this much, the women surrounds Nefu makes me question her. Rana, who was caught in a scandal with Rick. Rana who have an affair with Rick who is involved with Angel and have children by Angel. Rana's scandalous, too revealing photos unfold that she sent to Rick via cell phone unfolds all over youtube. Her skeleton uncovers in front of everyone eyes.

Robbie, who gets into physical altercations with, I feel the one and only Dr. York's soldier, Richelle. Was it a coincidence that Richelle disappeared her violent encounter with Robbie. And left no explanation to the community. I don't know what happened. All I know is Robbie beats her ass and Richelle is no more. and thats when you don't hear any more legal fights regarding the freedom of Dr. York.

Everyone is so focus on the so called "messenger" Elizabeth Westbrook also known as the entertainer Nefu Amun Hotep. She even have body guard, I heard.

But who was guarding Dr. Malachi Z. York during his arrest?

Why the change in Dr. York's name?

Ques: Why the Nuwaupians administration changing Dr. York's name?

Ans: Did you know that Nuwaupians are now stating that Dr. York name is no longer officially "Dr. Malachi Z. York" it is now "Dr. Malachi K York". Was this legally done? and how will this help him legally? Was it necessary for him to change his name? Or is this a mere part of massive COINTELPRO conspiracy?

For years Dr. Malachi Z. York has been claiming "misnomer" stating that he was arrested and prosecuted under false name. He is currently incarcerated as Dwight D. York which he claims is not him.

What happened to the fight?

Ques: Whatever happened to the fight to free Dr. Malachi Z. York?

Ans: There have been no recent updates to the freedom of Dr. Malachi Z. York. In May 8th of 2002, Dr. Malachi Z. York was arrested for alledgedly commiting "Interstate Commerce" crime. Did the administration give up? Are there any fighters left? Are there any soldiers left to fight this war? In the beginning of this case, many of Dr. Malachi Z. York's followers called Nuwaubians were fighting for him diligently. They kept the community and media updated with their ongoing struggle to free the Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York. They had an official website with detail information of the case. The website was full of videos of witnesses testifying about the conspiracy to incarcerate Dr. York and even a video and affidavits of the prosecutors main witness recanting her false testimony about Dr. York? Nuwaubians administrations had flyers, newsletters, newspapers, magazines circulating worldwide. But what happened to them?

Nuwaubians such as Richelle York, Rick also known as "Anubu", Al Woodall and many others, all stepped off or just merely disappeared from the scenes. There are rumors that Richelle who appeared to work so hard for Dr. York's freedom is now being accused of an FBI agent, or are they victims of what many are considering "COINTELPRO"?

Now it seems that the only updates that Nuwaubians are getting regarding the Dr. Malachi Z. York is more doctrine. If I can recall correctly, I thought Dr. York stated in one posted letter from from him, is that he will not teach behind bars.

Have Nuwaubians lost their hope and energy to fight for their chosen one?

Dr. Malachi Z. York's books

After five years living and working on the land, I felt it was time to go. One of my main reason of moving was, I wanted a better educational system for my daughter. I was thinking of my daughter's future. I've seen sister moved out and get put out the land. It broke my heart to see 'em go. Especially those I've gotten to know over the years. There are many reasons contributed for making my decision to move out. But overall, I really felt that I've grown and was ready to face the world.

Doc use to tell us that Nuwaubians or Nuwaupians choose this lifestyle because the world failed them or they failed the world. I have to put myself in that bracket. Doc gave me the knowledge and confidence that I can now survive it with ease and excitement and determination fueled my quest. But I needed one final push and Doc made it possible.

I felt like I was betraying him so I decided to leave while he was away. Not knowing that he would return and see me packed and waiting for a ride out the pylon with tears. Ofcourse there was drama when I left. Gwen went through my things and decided that they are going to keep my laptop and diary to make sure I'm not an FBI agent. I felt betrayed, how could have she thought that. Other sisters took all of my pictures with Doc. They really meant a lot to me, as if they were taking my memories. They even went as bold as taking all of my books my Nuwaubian books that I purchased and had with me prior to moving on the land. They took my batla nubis, nuwaubian dresses, that meant dearly because they were given to me on special occassions by Doc. I was upset. I swore I was going to call Sills on them. I was mad. I was furious. When Doc returned he demanded that they return my belongings. Zubaydah was walking towards me carrying my gowns and dresses they confiscated. I was furious, just wanted to leave and anger filled my chest. I don't know how i managed to cope at that moment but now I can't barely recall what happend afterwards.

And so I decided to re-start my collection of books by Dr. Malachi Z. York. and surely there were Nuwaubians or people like me that lost their books and wanted their collection or start their collection and I embark on a mission to have these books available to everyone. I started out the the Supreme Mathematics Series:
  1. Man from Planet Rizq
  2. Melanin-ite Children
  3. Are There Black Devils?
  4. Science of Creation
  5. Shamballah & Aghaarta
  6. The Wisemen
  7. Extraterrestrials And Creation
  8. Humans were created From ....

These books are now available for purchase on my ebay store...

I felt it was necessary to include the Right Knowledge Series below

  1. What is Nuwaupu?
  2. Breaking the Spell on Blacks
  3. Our True Roots
  4. Right Knowledge

But now I face oppossition. There are certain individual like Anthony Montgomery, who do not want these books out because I'm the one whose putting them out and making them available. They even go as far as having meeting about me stating that I'm changing the doctrine or manipulating the information in the books. I assure you, and ANU, the Most High, knows that is UNTRUE. FALSE ACCUSATIONS. But thats what disagreeable does. They do their job. and they don't want RIGHT KNOWLEDGE INFORMATION out.

December 04, 2009

The Movie 2012

Another end of the world movie where the president is "African American". Is it me or it seems like majority of the "End of the World" movies seems to always have an African American President?

Danny Glover plays the president role in the Moview 2012. due to earth's crust destablelizing, the humans are going to experience major natural catostrophe, that no human being can survive if you're on land. They build massive ships and only 400,000 people out of billions of the world population will be saved. And ofcourse unless you are super rich, you can afford the ticket.

Through the magic of the movie, the survivors was able to manage inside the ships that the 46 nations funded. But I still don't see how they survive. They would have to survive the ocean waves and the ships would have to have the capability to withstand monstreous super waves and tsunami waves. and the ships didn't seems to have the capability of submarines although they weren't built as your typical ships.

It was still an interesting and very entertaining movie. and I love the special effects.

October 17, 2009

Women who went against Dr. Malachi Z. York

Gosh, I hate to write about this. but I've been getting so many comments about Habibah and the other women who assisted on putting Dr. Malachi Z. York in prison.

This is what I personally know about some of these women.

Sakina been on Montel William show stating she was repeatedly molested as a young girl by Dr. Malachi Z. York. I don't know that. I don't know if that ever occured. But this is what I know about Sakinah. I believe the year was around 1998 or so. We were about to launched websites for our community and online store. It was Sakina's project. A dude who was an expert on this field was allowed on the land to teached Sakina how to build the website. I was instructed to be in the room with them for security purposes along with my husband then, Pastor Marshall Chance. As the days went on, I noticed a changed on Sakina. She laugh more often and she changed her computer desktop image to a picture of her looking "sexy". And I would see her laugh and smack the boy on his laugh. It then occured to me that shes flirting. Apparently I wasn't the only one that notice. So Doc told her to moved out if she wanted to be with him. She was so sad, I would see her walked around the land with her head. Everytime I tried to talked to her, she would brush me off. She always seems soooo far away. It was then I realized that she would be the next one to leave. I just always knew this. And sure enough, the news quickly got around that she moved out because she was having an affair. I wasn't the one who broke the news to Doc. Another sister did. I didn't even tell the other sister what I was suspecting. I wasn't gonna be the one to tell Doc that one of his wife is having an affair. anyway.
SHE LEFT BECAUSE SHE WAS CAUGHT HAVING AN AFFAIR. Wether it was innocense or not, that's what happened. I didn't think Sakinah was gonna go for a guy that was shorter than her, couldn't hardly talk (he stuttles), and dress funny. No offense. But maybe thats what got her into doing what she did. She was put out the land for something that might have not happed. But if it didn't happened and all the accusations was wrong, why did she move in with that dude... yuk... she couldn't have moved in with her mom who lived in Eatonton.

October 09, 2009

The Beginning

Scroll One

The Beginning

1 "Come let us Neteru go down there and unify language, the one true language of their past, and dispel of the diversity and confusion, Babel, that scattered them across the face of the planet Tanen, "earth".

Question: What must be done to break the Spell?

2. They must all speak one tongue. So come let us give them back our and their only true language, Nuwaubic, that everything in their minds that they will imagine to do, they will be able to do.

3. So come now ye Neteru and let us go down, as Anunnagi and perform this great ceremony of the resurrection of the dead Gods, for they have been dead for long enough. Their imprisonment before the blinding light of misinformation must end.

September 22, 2009

I can't believe my Ears!!!

218.339.2500 x 940 409 press # key

This past Sunday, I heard something my ears just couldn't believe. Not 'till I replayed it over and over again. Every Sunday Nuwaupian members holds telephone conference. This past Sunday the host or teacher of the conference announced that everything that Dr. Malachi Z. York have been teaching is the past 30 years is "WRONG"? WHAAAATTTT!!!!!!

A member of host panel. I will be posting the audio recording on this blog sooner than you think.

On Sundays, around 8:00 pm 'till 1:00 am, Nuwaupian members hold a telephone conference, or what they consider "QUESTIONS & ANSWERS" forum. Mentu Hotep often heads this forum. He was present on this forum. Not only he promotes this "WRONG KNOWLEDGE" he backs it up by saying that the Holy Tablets MUST BE PUT DOWN.

The Holy Tablets went from "It need to be re-printed, to It Need to be Revised, to Don't Read It, It's Outdated Information.

A friend of mind who lives in Athens, used to work with Dr. Malachi Z. York personally and who helped formed many of the Nuwaubians scrolls, told me that, the reason why all this is going on with the Holy Tablets is because people are trying to make money of it.

So you mean to tell me that because people are using the Holy Tablets to make money, by photo copying it or making digital copy of it available or what soever, is the reason why we negate our very own HOLY SCRIPTURES, supoosed to be divinely inspired? I am not religious at all. NOT AT ALL. Maybe spiritual, yes, spiritual. Religious, NO!

From what I can recall, correct me if I'm wrong... that during Dr. Malachi Z. York's legal hearing in Putnam County after his arrest on May 8th, 2002, Taharka comes out of the courthouse and said "I can't believe what the judge just said. The Judge said, If you (Dr. Malachi Z. York) tell everyone what you have been teaching is "WRONG" and lies, I will let you go FREE.

Must I say more...

September 19, 2009

A Nuwaubian Memoir

Ok after months and months of hardwork and no sleep, I finally completed and sent my first draft to my publisher. And hopefully, not soon enough my first book will be available to the public for sale.

Ques: What is my book about?

Ans: My book is about Nuwaubians. and the title is "A Nuwaubian Memoir" It contains over 300 exclusive photos. Photos I've taken over the years. I didn't realize 'till I embarked on this project, the amount of photos I've taken. Thanks to my good friend "Canon Rebel EOS Digital Camera", and my nack for pushing the "take a picture" button, that I have so many to share to all Nuwaubians and curious minds out there. Maybe even Sheriff Howard Richard Sills might want to buy a copy for himself. For making it in the history as the great nemesis of our beloved Supreme Grand Master Teacher, Dr. Malachi Z. York, who I've dedicated this book to. I've worked on several books with Doc before. I've seen him literally pushed books out the door on a daily basis. Not untill now that I realized how hard it is.
Thanks to my good friend "Lady T" who gave me plenty of advice and shared her own research and resources for making it happened.
Thanks to my "bf" for not nagging me too much while working on this books and actually supporting me while in the process (most of the time). You know who you are.

August 26, 2009

Halloween on Tama-Re

They call it Halloween, we call it Angels & Prophets day.

Out for Pizza with Doc

After the children of Tama-Re performed at a local elementary school in Athens Georgia, we go out for pizza in downtown Athens.

Tama-Re Children

Tama-Re Children posing for picture with Athens local elementary school principal after performing in front of students. I think this photo was taken in 1999. Athens Georgia.

Who were the three Wisemen?

Ans: Balthasar - meaning "Save the Life of the King". Balthasar (45 B.C. -49 A.D.) Was a Cushite Descendant from Noah (the grandfather of Cush). This tribe was situated in Ethiopia which was where the tribes of Dan and Judah fled to when they split off from the remaining tribes of Israel. The tribes of Dan and Judah went to the south and the other tribes went to the North of Africa. Those tribes which journeyed to the north were the ones mentioned in II Kings 17:18 who were destroyed by El Eloh, the Most High. These tribes mixed in with the neighboring tribes and were mixed to extinction (A Fate You Nubians of today are heading toward) (Hosea 13:16). The tribes that went to the south stayed on the path of El Eloah or Allah called in Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) Sabiyl Allah (...) and remained faithful to Al Tawhiyd (...), or the aloneness of El Eloh.
This is the tribe which Balthasar was descended from (II Kings 19:30) Balthasar traveled with four of his students from Ethiopia. His Students were:
1. Zaarwandaad - son of Artaban.
2. Hurmizdaad - Son of Sitaruk
3. Gushansaaf - Son of Gundhephar.
4. Arshaakh - Son of Miharuk.

August 24, 2009

Is Dr. Malachi Z. York really from Planet Rizq?

According to him, YES.

According to scientists life on this planet started from comets or asteroids carrying bacteria and germinating this planet. Eventually you have your so called "evolution".

What many perceives is that Inteligent Life Forms have to look like us. But scientist and Dr. Malachi Z. York will tell you is bacteria, viruses are your intelligent life forms also. They have the ability to rearrange your genetic code and even some bacteria can alter your physical and emotional statement of mind. 

I was watching the Discovery Channel oneday and scientist speaks about the evolution of life here on earth, might actually originated from some where outhere in space.  Meaning that asteroids, comets and such brought with them germs that evoluted into living beings here on earth.  It's even believe that water is not from here but a product of asteroids that impact here on earth.  These asteroids were believe to carry frozen liquid that became what our ocean is today. 

So what is not to say that aliens whose technology is way far advance than ours, woudn't they have the technology or the know how on how to send a living species here with us to send us a message.  Didn't they say that Jesus is not from here also?

Bacteria, Germs, or Viruses can either be good for you for kill you.

will continue in a bit.

August 23, 2009

Who was Ben York?

Ben York was the given name of the son of Yusuf Ben Ali, also called Abdullah Ibn Ali born 1756 - 1861 A.D. and a Washo Woman with a Moroccan Father name Warda Salim Idriys, Also known as "Rose" daughter of Sharufa Salim Idriys, of the Idrisid Dynasty, who were Moorish Malians, who cam with one of the many ships that sailed over here from Africa, by African navigators from Mali, riding the African tide, or currents. The Idrisid dynasty were the first arab rulers of the whole of Morocco. They were the descendants of Bilaal son of Rabah and Hamama, an Ethiopian Moor born 551-641 A.D. The Idrisid Held power in Morocco from 789 A.D. to 926 A.D. The Idrisid was succeeded by other dynasties, both red arab and red berber.

Who is Malachi Z. York?

Dr. Malachi Z. York is simply York, according to this birth certificate. He is a descendant of Ben York through Old York, referred to as Yusuf Ben Ali, a Malian Moor, as well as a Seminole from the Yamassee Native Americans trie of Mound Builders, affiliated with the Washita. We call him the Supreme Grand Master, Nayya Malachi Z. York El of the ancient and Mystic Order of Merlchizedek (Sacred Lodge of Imhotep #19 in Eatonton, Georgia, where the Eagle Rock Mound is built, by our own ancestors, Why we are there), A Mystical Sacred Fraternal Order, that protects the secrets of their tribe, The Yamassee, their language, their culture, which links back to the moors and the Nuwbuns, to what is called Egypt and it's called Nuwaubu. He has been know to us by many names over the many years. His religious family ties to Nubian in Sudan gave us the name Isa Abd-allah Ibn Abu Bakr Muhammad, given to him by a Moor, named Shaikh Ahmed Daoud Faisal of the Islamic Mission of America on the date June 21st 1957 A.D. when he was 12 years old.

August 21, 2009

Nuwaubian Nation leader trial may be closed to public

Associated Press/December 19, 2003

Macon, Ga. -- A federal judge may close the child molestation trial of Nuwaubian Nation leader Malachi York to the public because members of his religious sect handed out information about the case while marching in the Brunswick Christmas parade.

The trial is set to begin Jan. 5 in Brunswick. It was moved from Macon because of pretrial publicity.

Judge C. Ashley Royal told lawyers at a Macon hearing this week that he had someone monitoring what people in the Brunswick area were reading about York.

I was extraordinarily unhappy that members of the Nuwaubians went down to (Brunswick) ... and tampered with the jury pool. Whether Mr. York directed this or not makes no difference to me. Its going to make it difficult to pick a jury, he said.

Royal said he has also considered sequestering the jury.

The judge said if the trial is closed to the public, the media will be allowed to attend.

Lawyers said they expect the trial to last three weeks.

York's lawyers argue for dismissal

Macon Telegraph/December 17, 2003
By Liz Fabian
The leader of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, Malachi York, was back in U.S. District Court in Macon Tuesday for a hearing on a number of pre-trial motions filed by his attorneys.

York is accused of taking children across state lines for the purpose of having sex with them and attempting to evade federal financial reporting requirements.

The trial is set to begin Jan. 5 in Brunswick.

Judge Ashley Royal granted a change of venue in October due to pre-trial publicity.

In January, York pleaded guilty to the federal charges, but Royal determined that York withdrew his guilty plea in October.

Attorney Adrian Patrick, the newest member of York's defense team, said they filed a motion to dismiss the case on two grounds - the publicity surrounding York's earlier guilty plea would violate his right to a fair trial and the grand jury was picked from the Middle District of Georgia, which Patrick said was already determined to be a tainted jury pool due to the judge's earlier change of venue ruling.

Royal will issue a ruling on the motions at a later date.

The judge did chide York's followers in court for their participation in the Brunswick Christmas parade earlier this month, where supporters passed out fliers supporting York.

Royal said York will likely remain in custody at the Jones County jail until shortly before the trial begins.

Patrick said the defense is ready to proceed with the January trial.

"You'll get to see a very different side of the case," Patrick said. "Basically you've seen Dr. York get beaten up, but you haven't seen evidence supporting him."

About two dozen people gathered outside the courthouse in support of York and about the same number of supporters sat in the courtroom.

As York left the courtroom with his hands cuffed behind the back of his orange jumpsuit, he smiled at several women in the audience, including a couple of them who blew him a kiss as he passed by.

The Nuwaubians are a cult-like group based in Putnam County that at various times has claimed to be Christian, Muslim, Freemasons and American Indians.

Religious Sect Members Could Face Charges For Lying

Associated Press/December 8, 2003

Brunswick -- Members of a religious sect who asked residents for opinions about their jailed leader's molestation case while marching in a city Christmas parade could face charges for lying on an application to participate in the event, a prosecutor says.

United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors members who marched in Saturday's parade told the event organizer when they applied to participate that they were a Mason's group, officials said.

Authorities are considering whether to charge the group members with submitting false information to a government agency, which is a felony, said Brunswick prosecutor Stephen Kelley.

During the parade, Nuwaubians handed out literature and asked spectators about the guilt or innocence of their leader, Malachi York. Mayor Brad Brown, who was in the parade, said a document entitled "Medical Records Don't Lie" contained profanity, and in some cases was given to children.

The Nuwaubian delegation in the parade included depictions of the Egyptian pharaoh Rameses, participants wearing bird and cow masks, and a group of mummies carrying parasols.

The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors is a group started in New York in the early 1970s.

York who has alternately claimed to be Muslim, Christian, Native American and from another planet moved the group to a 476-acre farm in Putnam County in 1993.

York's trial on federal child molestation charges is set for next month in Brunswick. The case was moved from Macon because of pretrial publicity.

Nuwaubian leader claims torture, kidnapping in lawsuit

Atlanta Journal-Constitution/December 2, 2003

Macon -- The leader of the Nuwaubian religious sect has filed a lawsuit claiming he was kidnapped and has been tortured since a 2002 arrest on child molestation charges.

Malachi York, who remains in custody awaiting a federal trial in January, claims abuses ranging from being denied medication to "coercive sexual conduct" in the 11-page filing.

York refers to himself as "Chief Black Thunderbird 'Eagle'" throughout the claim, filed last week.

While being held for psychological evaluation in New York, York claims he was "blindfolded, hoodwinked and chained to a brick bed when inquiring phone privileges."

His other claims include being denied kosher food, being served discolored water and being "forced to co-inhabit with inmates that have a religious and racial conflict of interest."

On May 8, 2002, York was arrested on state and federal charges of molesting children.

The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors is a cult group started in New York in the early 1970s.

York -- who has alternately claimed to be Muslim, Christian, Native American and from another planet -- moved the group to a 476-acre farm in Putnam County in 1993.

Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills, who was among the state and federal prosecutors and law enforcement agents named as defendants, said the suit lacks merit.

"Who knows what it is or what it means," said Sills, who has been sued unsuccessfully several times by York and his followers. "All it means to me is it will cost us some more money at some point in time to file the appropriate motions to get it dismissed.

"He's never been tortured or under duress while he's been in my custody."

Trial For Sect Leader Moves To Brunswick - Pretrial Publicity Cited In Change

Associated Press/October 30, 2003

Macon, Ga. -- The child molestation trial of Nuwaubian Nation leader Malachi York will be moved to Brunswick because of pretrial publicity, a federal judge announced.

U.S. District Judge Ashley Royal ruled Wednesday that the amount of media coverage in the Macon and Atlanta areas would make it difficult to find an unbiased jury in those areas.

York is the leader of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, a religious sect that moved from New York to a 476-acre farm in Putnam County in 1993.

On May 8, 2002, York, 58, was arrested and charged with both state and federal child sex crimes.

He pleaded guilty to 74 counts of child molestation and other related charges.

He also pleaded guilty to one federal count of transporting children across state lines for sexual purposes in return for a recommendation that he serve 15 years in prison.

But U.S. District Court Judge Hugh Lawson rejected the plea bargain, saying 15 years in prison would be too lenient.

York's attorneys had asked Royal to move the trial to Atlanta, saying that the size of the population would dilute the impact of news reports.

The trial could start as soon as January, although York's lawyers have asked for more time to prepare their defense.

Ga. can pick up prosecution of York's 'main wife'

Macon Telegraph/October 29, 2003
By Rob Peecher
Eatonton -- The Georgia Court of Appeals has ruled that the state can continue its prosecution of accused child molester Kathy Johnson.

Johnson, a co-defendant with United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors leader Malachi York and the woman referred to by York's followers as his "main wife," is accused of molesting children with York. She faces 10 counts of child molestation and two counts of aggravated child molestation.

The appellate court's ruling would allow York and Johnson to be tried together, but prosecutors say that's not likely.

Johnson's attorney, Brian Steele, filed a demand for a speedy trial, and in January he argued that the state did not meet the legal requirements under a speedy-trial demand and sought to have the case dismissed.

Ocmulgee Superior Court Judge William Prior denied the defense's request, finding that two terms of court had expired without Johnson going to trial from the time that her attorney filed the speedy trial demand, but also that there was no jury impaneled to decide the case during the first court term.

Last week, the state appellate court upheld Prior's decision, finding that the jury Steele argued counted in the first term had been discharged, and therefore the clock didn't start running until after the next term of court began.

Steele can ask the appellate court to reconsider the case and can also appeal the decision to the Georgia Supreme Court.

District Attorney Fred Bright said Tuesday, after learning of the court of appeals' decision, that if Steele chooses not to appeal, he will have less than three months to get Johnson to trial.

Johnson was to have been tried with York, but in January he pleaded guilty to 77 state charges of molestation. York, who with Johnson also faced related federal charges, at the time also pleaded guilty to the federal charges. Last week, a federal judge ruled that York had withdrawn his guilty plea to the federal charges, and York is now scheduled to go to trial on the federal charges in January.

York has not withdrawn his guilty plea to the state charges, though he has not been sentenced and could withdraw his plea before he is sentenced. But Bright said that as it stands now, he anticipates trying Johnson alone if she does not appeal or if the appellate courts continue to rule against her.

Johnson pleaded guilty in April to a reduced federal charge of having knowledge of a crime but not participating in the crime.

York and his followers moved from New York to Putnam County in 1993 to a 476-acre farm. There they erected numerous Egyptian-style structures, among them two pyramids and a sphinx, and York claimed to be an alien from the planet "Rizq."

York and Johnson were arrested in May 2002 after a number of children and adults who grew up in his sect came forward with allegations that York, Johnson and others had molested them.

Lawyer withdraws guilty plea for York

Nuwaubian leader likely to face new charges, including racketeering

Macon Telegraph/October 25, 2003
By Rob Peecher
A federal court judge determined Friday that Nuwaubian leader Malachi York withdrew his previous guilty plea to financial and child sex charges.

York did not directly answer questions from the court about his plea, but U.S. District Court Judge Ashley Royal determined through York's attorney that he wished to change his plea to "not guilty."

York faces federal charges of transporting children across state lines for sex and evading financial reporting requirements.

Also Friday, York's defense attorneys said they have been put on notice by the government that York will likely face a new round of indictments that include racketeering charges.

York's trial is scheduled for early January. U.S. marshals led York, whose head was newly shaved, into the Macon courtroom in an orange Jones County Jail jumpsuit. His ankles and wrists were bound. He sat at the defense table, flanked by his attorneys, Frank Rubino, Manny Arora and Ed Garland.

When Royal entered the courtroom, York refused to stand up. Two U.S. marshals pulled him to his feet and held him up until Royal told those in the courtroom to be seated.

Royal - who got the case after Judge Hugh Lawson recused himself - began the hearing by saying he was going to pick up where Lawson left off, signaling he would not accept the negotiated plea agreement between York and the government. Lawson, before recusing himself, had said he would not accept a 15-year sentence for York.

Royal also ruled Friday that, based on a recent psychiatric evaulation, York is competent to stand trial. Royal then asked if York would withdraw his guilty plea.

Rubino, one of his attorneys, said he had met with York for four hours the previous day.

"I think he will allow us to withdraw his plea of guilty and reinstate a plea of not guilty," Rubino said.

Typically, a defendant enters his plea on the record, but when Royal asked York to say whether he wanted to withdraw his guilty plea, York declined to give an affirmative response.

"As a private citizen and a secured party, I accept this for value," York said.

Royal then asked York a series of questions intended to illicit a direct answer, and York said only, "I accept this for value."

"With all due respect, if I respond to that question I'll be putting myself back in the public," York finally said. "I prefer not to participate in this forum. That's why I have an international attorney sitting here, and he can speak for me."

The language York used is similar to language in "common law" filings his followers have made in courts in Atlanta, Macon and Putnam County - where York's cult group, the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, has a 476-acre compound. The common law filings are similar to those used primarily in western states by anti-government militias.

Rubino made some effort to interpret for the judge.

"The defendant believes that somehow the uniform commercial code has some jurisdiction - I'm scratching for words here, please understand - over this court," Rubino said. "I don't understand this theory, and I don't propound it because I don't understand it. But he is the client, and I do my best to represent him."

York, who in 1993 moved from New York to Georgia with his followers and settled on a farm west of Eatonton, faces both federal and state charges of molesting children. He also faces federal charges of avoiding financial reporting requirements. York was arrested May 8, 2002. In January, he pleaded guilty to 77 state charges of molesting children. He also pleaded guilty to one federal charge of taking children across state lines for the purpose of having sex with them and another of avoiding financial reporting requirements.

Royal did not rule on any outstanding motions during the nearly 30-minute hearing. However, the defense attorneys said they had received correspondence from the U.S. Attorney's Office suggesting that York in November will likely face a new, superceding indictment that also will allege racketeering crimes.

Also, Rubino took exception to a notice from the U.S. Attorney's Office responding to the defense's witness list.

York apparently is on the list to testify, but federal law allows the government to prosecute both the defendant and his attorneys for perjury if the defendant changes his story from what he said when he pleaded guilty.

Rubino called the notice "a veiled threat," but Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Moultrie said he was only following federal law.

Outside the courthouse, York's followers stood along Third Street carrying signs proclaiming their Indian heritage, and some played drums. This summer, York stood before Judge Lawson and claimed he is an "indigenous and sovereign" person and demanded that he be released to his "own people." During that and later hearings, York's followers have shown up wearing Native American-style clothing and playing drums.

"Not all Indians are Redskins," one of the signs said. "There are many black Indian tribes," another said.

York and his followers have also claimed Egyptians heritage.

York has claimed to be an angel or a being from another planet. He and his followers have also claimed to be Muslims, Jews and Christians.

York supporters file common-law claims seeking $1 billion

Macon Telegraph/October 23, 2003
By Rob Peecher
Eatonton -- Supporters of Nuwaubian leader Malachi York filed documents Wednesday with the Putnam County Clerk of Superior Court, demanding that state and local prosecutors, judges and law officers pay York more than $1 billion.

York, who is scheduled to appear before U.S. District Judge Ashley Royal for a status hearing Friday, faces numerous state and federal charges of molesting children.

The documents, which appear to be based on what is known as "common law" and frequently utilized by anti-government militias to harass public officials, also were filed in two child support actions against York.

Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills, who is named among those owing York $1.069 billion, described the documents as "gobbledygook."

"It's hard to explain what they are," Sills said. "Once again, it's more of the same common law, (Uniform Commercial Code) filings that we've seen before. There's been a plethora of this about. There were recent incidents in DeKalb County involving fraud in housing purchases up there, and I'm aware of other similar filings by Nuwaubians in Bibb County recently."

York is the leader of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, a quasi-religious sect that moved from New York to Putnam County in 1993. The group established its base at a 476-acre compound west of Eatonton where it erected pyramids, a sphinx and other Egyptian-style structures.

York was arrested in May 2002 and charged with more than 200 counts of molesting children. He pleaded guilty in January, but this summer U.S. District Court Judge Hugh Lawson rejected the 15-year negotiated sentence. Lawson later recused himself from the case, and now the case is before Royal.

York has not withdrawn his guilty plea, but he is scheduled to go to trial in January on the federal charges.

Officials in the Bibb County Superior Court clerk's office confirmed there had been a number of recent UCC filings, but declined to comment. Clerk of Court Dianne Brannen was unavailable for comment Wednesday.

The documents filed in Putnam County each exceed 30 pages. Among those named in the document demanding public officials to pay York more than $1 billion are: Sills; Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit Chief Judge William A. Prior and District Attorney Fred Bright; U.S. Attorney Max Wood and Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Moultrie; U.S. District Judge Hugh Lawson; one of York's own attorneys, Manny Arora; and the Holy Roman Empire.

Most of the documents bear the signature of "David R. Williams" or "David Paul Williams."

The documents contain virtually nonsensical language, such as: "The purpose for notary is verification and identification only and not for entrance into any foreign U.S. jurisdiction, a benefit for the pagans and heathens so they whom I pray may become knowledgeable in the truth for matters in law by the creator Anu the Most High Heavenly one and repent, so they will no longer be alienated from their true creator, Anu the Creator of Heaven and Earth."

Mike Smith, the communications director for the Georgia Superior Court Clerk's Authority, said his office only keeps track of UCC filings and does not determine the legitimacy of the filings. But Smith said he is aware that "nuisance filings" are a problem in other states such as Oregon, where clerks are attempting to get legislation passed to address the problem. Legitimate UCC filings are filed by financial institutions or others lending money.

Sills said the documents were delivered by the same courier who delivered similar documents to the clerk of court in July. Among those was a document purporting to be signed by the governor, and Sills said at the time there might be charges pending against the person responsible for the forged document.

While the courier claims to have no knowledge of the contents of the documents, Sills said he admitted being a Nuwaubian.

Sills noted that York's followers have filed similar documents numerous times just before a hearing was scheduled. In July, two of York's followers met with and hand-delivered similar documents to Judge Lawson about two hours before a scheduled hearing.

York's attorneys Arora and Ed Garland did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

Three Nuwaubian associates arrested in fraud case

Macon Telegraph/October 4, 2003
By Rob Peecher
Three men associated with the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, an embattled religious sect based in Eatonton, were arrested last week in DeKalb County after, police said, they tried to fraudulently buy two houses in Stone Mountain.

The men reportedly planned to sell the homes and turn the money over to the Nuwaubians to purchase 200 acres in Bibb County for a "rebirth" of the Nuwaubian Nation, said Sgt. K.K. Jones of DeKalb County Police Department's fraud unit.

"They submitted paperwork to a sales agent for the property," Jones said. "The sales agent submitted that to the bank, and it came back that the documents didn't have any true financial value to them."

The documents were "certified tenders that were tied to a lien they put on the (U.S.) Postal Service" for $283 million, Jones said.

One of the men, William Carroll, who is also known as Nayya Rafl El, had been fired from his job with the postal service in 1991. He was reinstated in 1999 after a judge determined the postal service didn't let him know he could appeal the firing.

"They had to reinstate him with back pay," Jones said. "He connected in with the Nuwaubians, and they told him the judge gave him a settlement."

According to Jones' description of events, Carroll utilized what is known as "common law," a system of law employed by anti-government militias that relies on what is called "voluntary contracts." In 1999, members of the Nuwaubian Nation began filing common law complaints against government officials, law enforcement officers, judges and members of the media.

Jones said Carroll made an offer of voluntary contract to the postal service for $283 million and then through the DeKalb County Clerk of Court filed a lien against the post office's payroll account, assets and real property.

Using documents they created based on this $283 million post office lien, the three men attempted to buy the houses in Stone Mountain, Jones said.

The other two men arrested in the case are Robert C. Dukes, who is also known as Nayya Elisha Isra EL, and Darius Sampson, who also goes by the name KhuFu. All three have been charged with theft by deception and identity fraud.

Jones said the men have admitted to being members of the Nuwaubian Nation, and said they were going to use money from selling the Stone Mountain houses to buy 200 acres in Bibb County, where they planned to support a "rebirth" of the Nuwaubian Nation.

Jones said he anticipates more arrests.

The Nuwaubian group has dwindled from what was once a membership in the thousands to an estimated few hundred since leader Malachi York was arrested in May 2002 and charged with state and federal counts of molesting children.

In January, just before he was scheduled to go to trial, York pleaded guilty to state and federal charges and the plea agreement would have put him in federal prison for 15 years.

But this summer, U.S. District Judge Hugh Thompson rejected the plea agreement, opening the door for York to withdraw his guilty plea. Thompson has since recused himself from the case.

York is currently in a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation in New York, and U.S. District Judge Ashley Royal, who is now the judge in the case, has scheduled the trial to begin after the first of the year.

York has not withdrawn his guilty plea on the state or federal charges, but did say in open court that he was coerced into pleading guilty.

York has claimed that he and his followers are indigenous people and that according to a United Nations treaty, he must be released to the custody of his own people for trial. When York and the Nuwaubians first moved to Putnam County from New York in 1993, York claimed to be from another planet.

Three accused of scheme to establish Nuwaubian base

Associated Press/October 3, 2003

Decatur, GA -- Three men have been accused of using a DeKalb County real estate scheme to re-establish a base for the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors sect in middle Georgia.

Police said the men created phony certified checks to try to buy two homes in a subdivision north of Stone Mountain, and one filed a lien against the U.S. Postal Service for $283.9 million.

Their goal, police said, was to raise money to buy land in Bibb County for the Nuwaubians, who lived on a 476-acre compound in Putnam County before their leader was jailed on federal and state child molestation charges last year.

Charged with criminal attempt were Robert C. Dukes, 52, of south Fulton County, and Darius Sampson, 40, and William Carroll, 48, both of Stone Mountain. Carroll was also charged with identity fraud.

Dwight Malachi York, 58, the sects leader, pleaded guilty on Jan. 23 to 74 state counts of child molestation and other related charges. He pleaded guilty in an agreement with prosecutors to a single count of transporting children across state lines for sexual purposes in return for a recommendation he serve 15 years in prison.

On June 25, U.S. District Court Judge Hugh Lawson rejected the plea bargain, saying 15 years in prison would be too lenient. He told attorneys he would agree to a 20-year prison sentence, which prompted the defenses motion for Lawson to recuse himself.

Lawson did and the case must now go to trial.

Nuwaubian Sect Linked to Fake Checks

WXIA-TV 11 Alive/October 2, 2003

Three members tied to a controversial Nuwaubian Nation religious sect are being charged with forging fake certified checks to purchase two homes in Stone Mountain, Ga.

DeKalb County police claim the men planned to use the checks to buy new land to reestablish a home base for the Yamassee Nuwaubian Mour/Moore Tribal Community. Their actions would have defrauded the U.S. Postal Service and John Wills Homes, which owns the Bibb County property.

Police said the men -- William Carroll, also known as "Nayyaa Rafl El," Robert C. Dukes, also known as "Nayya Elisha EL" and Darius Sampson, also known as "KhuFu" -- used documents in the form of certified checks that they created called "certified tender of payment certificate" and "statement of assignment in accounts."

The allegedly fraudulent checks were created after Carroll filed a lien for $283,900,000 with the Clerk of Superior Court in DeKalb County against the U.S. Postal Service payroll bank account/assets and real property.

An investigation revealed that two of the suspects are post office employees. Police have not specified which two they are.

All three men are charged with theft by deception and identity fraud, police said.

The trio is believed to be affiliated with the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors in Putnam County, which was raided last year on suspicions of minors being transported across state lines for sex. Police arrested the group's leader -- 36-year-old took Dwight D. York -- and his longtime associate, 33-year-old Kathy Johnson.

Religious sect leader's trial date set for January Molestation case

Athens Banner-Herald/September 10, 2003
By Joe Johnson
The long-delayed trial of religious sect leader and admitted child molester Dwight ''Malachi'' York has been set to begin Jan. 5 in federal court.

Originally scheduled to start Aug. 4 in U.S. District Court in Macon, York's law-yers had requested a a new trial date because they said they needed more time to prepare in light of court-ordered psychiatric testing that is being done on their client.

York was transferred last month from a Georgia county jail to a federal penitentiary in order to undergo the testing to determine his fitness to stand trial.

The evaluation of the former Athens resident's competency is being done under the order of the new judge in York's case, U.S. District Court Judge C. Ashley Royal, who denied York's recent motion to void an earlier order for a psychiatric exam made by Royal's predecessor.

U.S. District Court Judge Hugh Lawson recused himself from the case July 18, after York's defense team alleged Lawson had lost his impartiality by becoming an unwitting participant in plea-bargain negotiations.

York had already undergone one court-ordered exam, which raised questions about his mental competency, and further evaluation was ordered by Lawson following the judge's June 25 rejection of a plea bargain York had made with federal prosecutors.

York, 58, is leader of a religious sect called the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, and prosecutors allege that under the guise of spiritual leader and deity, he sexually abused the underage children of his followers at the Nuwaubian compound in Eatonton and at York's mansion on Mansfield Court in Athens. York pleaded guilty to 74 state counts of child molestation and other related charges, and as part of an agreement with federal prosecutors had pleaded guilty to a single count of transporting children across state lines for sexual purposes in return for a recommendation he serve 15 years in prison.

In rejecting the federal plea agreement, Lawson said 15 years in prison would be too lenient a penalty for York. He told attorneys he would agree to a 20-year prison sentence, which prompted the defense's motion for Lawson to recuse himself.

Suddenly faced with the prospect of a trial, York's attorneys asked Lawson for another psychiatric examination because they said York was unable to assist in his own defense, as he told the attorneys he was a Native American tribal chief over whom U.S. courts held no jurisdiction.

Two days after Lawson granted the motion, a new addition to York's defense team filed a motion asking Lawson to rescind his order for the psychiatric exam. Miami attorney Frank Rubino claimed in the motion that after spending two hours with his new client, he determined York was able to assist in his own defense.

In denying the motion, Royal said he was relying on the report that resulted from York's first examination, which concluded that York was possibly suffering from a ''mental disease or defect'' that could render him incompetent to stand trial.

Religious sect leader's wife denied access to son

Athens Banner-Herald/August 14, 2003

Eatonton -- A judge has denied a request by the wife of United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors leader Malachi York to see her son, who is an alleged victim in the child molestation case against York.

Kathy Johnson, 34, was arrested in May 2002 and implicated in federal and state charges of child molestation involving at least 13 children, including her son.

Authorities allege that Johnson knowingly allowed York to have sex with her son, who is now in state custody.

Johnson has pleaded guilty to a federal charge of failing to report a crime, but the state case against her is on hold while she appeals on grounds that she was denied a speedy trial.

In Tuesday's hearing before Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit Superior Court Judge William A. Prior, Putnam County Assistant District Attorney Dawn Baskin "argued against Johnson's request, saying Johnson's son is ''the one witness against her who she has the most control over.''

The Nuwaubians, a quasi-religious group based on a 400-acre farm in Eatonton, claim their leader, York, is an extraterrestrial. According to one of his defense attorneys, York was to have been transferred this week from the Jones County Jail to an undisclosed federal penitentiary where he will undergo psychological testing to determine his fitness to stand trial.

His trial on federal child molestation charges in U.S. District Court in Macon was to have begun Aug. 4, but it has been put on hold indefinitely until the exam is completed and a hearing is held on its results.

York, 58, allegedly molested the underage children of his followers at the Nuwaubian compound in Eatonton and at his mansion on Mansfield Court in Athens.

York pleaded guilty to 74 state counts of child molestation and other related charges, and as part of an agreement" with federal prosecutors had pleaded guilty to a single count of transporting "children across state lines for sexual purposes in return for a recommendation he serve 15 years in prison.

In rejecting the agreement in June, U.S. District Judge High Lawson said 15 years in prison would be too lenient a penalty for York.

Suddenly faced with the prospect of a trial, York's attorneys asked Lawson for a psychiatric examination because they said York was unable to assist in his own defense, claiming he was a Native American tribal chief over whom U.S. courts held no jurisdiction.

Nuwaubian sect leader will undergo psychological evaluation

Athens Banner-Herald/August 13, 2003
By Joe Johnson
Religious sect leader and admitted child molester Dwight ''Malachi'' York is to be transferred this week from a Georgia county jail to a federal penitentiary where he will undergo psychological testing to determine his fitness to stand trial, York's defense attorney said Tuesday.

Atlanta attorney Manubir Arora said exactly where his client will be examined was unknown as of Tuesday, but a likely place would be the Butner Federal Correctional Institution in Butner, N.C.

''This is something that will be determined by the (U.S.) Marshal Service,'' Arora said.

The evaluation of the former Athens resident's competency is to be performed under the order of the new judge in York's case, U.S. District Court Judge C. Ashley Royal, who denied York's recent motion to void an earlier order for a psychological exam made by Royal's predecessor.

U.S. District Court Judge Hugh Lawson recused himself from the case July 18, after York's defense team alleged Lawson had lost his impartiality by becoming an unwitting participant in plea-bargain negotiations.

York had already undergone one court-ordered psychological exam, which raised questions about his mental competency, and further evaluation was ordered by Lawson following the judge's June 25 rejection of a plea bargain York had made with federal prosecutors.

York, 58, is leader of a religious sect called the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, and prosecutors allege that under the guise of spiritual leader and deity, he sexually abused the underage children of his followers at the Nuwaubian compound in Eatonton and at York's mansion on Mansfield Court in Athens.

York pleaded guilty to 74 state counts of child molestation and other related charges, and as part of an agreement with federal prosecutors had pleaded guilty to a single count of transporting children across state lines for sexual purposes in return for a recommendation he serve 15 years in prison.

In rejecting the federal plea agreement, Lawson said 15 years in prison would be too lenient a penalty for York. He told attorneys he would agree to a 20-year prison sentence, which prompted the defense's motion for Lawson to recuse himself.

Suddenly faced with the prospect of a trial, York's attorneys asked Lawson for another psychiatric examination because they said York was unable to assist in his own defense, claiming he was a native American tribal chief over whom U.S. courts held no jurisdiction.

Two days after Lawson granted the motion, a new addition to York's defense team filed a motion asking Law-son to rescind his order for the psychiatric exam. Miami attorney Frank Rubino claimed in the motion that after spending two hours with his new client, he determined York was able to assist in his own defense.

In denying Rubino's motion, Royal said he was relying on the report that resulted from York's first examination.

''Because (the) report provides reasonable cause for the court to believe (York) may presently be suffering from a mental disease or defect rendering him mentally incompetent to the extent that he is unable to "understand the nature and consequences of the proceedings against him or to assist properly in his defense, the court will proceed on its own motion for determination of (York's) mental competency,'' Royal wrote in his July 24 order.

York had been scheduled to begin trial Aug. 4, but the trial has been delayed indefinitely because of the change of judges and the pending psychological examination.

York federal trial delayed

Athens Banner-Herald/July 29, 2003
By Joe Johnson
The scheduled Aug. 4 start of the federal trial of religious sect leader and admitted child molester Dwight ''Malachi'' York has been postponed due to the recent replacement of the trial judge.

U.S. District Judge C. Ashley Royal last week replaced Judge Hugh Lawson after York's attorneys claimed Lawson had lost his impartiality in the case. A new trial date had not been set as of Monday.

''We have no information at this time as to when the trial will begin,'' said Pamela Lightsey, spokeswoman for U.S. Department of Justice's Middle District of Georgia.

York, 58, is leader of a religious sect called the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors.

He pleaded guilty to 74 state counts of child molestation and other related charges, and as part of an agreement with federal prosecutors had pleaded guilty to a single count of transporting children across state lines for sexual purposes.

Lawson last month rejected the plea agreement on the grounds the 15-year prison sentence it included had been ''too lenient.'' Soon after, York's attorneys filed a motion requesting Lawson to recuse himself from the case because he had inadvertently become a participant in the plea-bargaining process when he stated he would accept a plea agreement that included a 20-year prison sentence.

Lawson granted that motion, and he was replaced last week with Royal, a former University of Georgia law professor and school alumnus.

Upon his assignment to the case, Royal inherited several pending motions, which he may or may not choose to rule on.

''Judge Royal is taking the case as it exists, so he could have a hearing on the motions or not, and he can rule on the motions or not,'' Lightsey said.

Lightsey said it was her understanding that Royal could also overrule decisions Lawson had made on previous motions.

Among the pending motions are requests by the defense to suppress evidence, including certain items removed during searches of York's properties in Putnam and Athens-Clarke counties.

York in 1993 bought 476 acres in Eatonton, which was turned into a compound that housed more than 150 Nuwaubians and was headquarters for a sect-related business enterprise. York bought a mansion on Mansfield Court in Athens in 1998.

Also pending is a defense motion for a change of venue to a location where potential jurors would be less likely to be influenced by pre-trial publicity.

New judge in sect leader's trial

Ex-UGA law prof to hear case

Athens Banner-Herald/July 26, 2003
By Joe Johnson
A former University of Georgia law professor has been appointed the new judge in the trial of religious sect leader and admitted child molester Dwight ''Malachi'' York.

U.S. District Court Judge C. Ashley Royal replaces Judge Hugh Lawson, who recused himself July 18 on a motion by York's attorneys claiming Lawson was not impartial to their client's case.

They said Lawson had inadvertently become a participant in plea bargain discussions when he told defense attorneys and prosecutors that he would accept a recommendation for a 20-year prison sentence as part of a plea agreement.

Lawson had rejected an earlier plea agreement because it had called for a 15-year prison sentence, which the judge called ''too lenient.''

York, 58, is leader of a religious sect called the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors. He was accused by federal authorities in May 2002 of molesting more than a dozen minor girls, some as young as 11, but as part of the plea bargain later rejected by Lawson he pleaded guilty to a single count of transporting children across state lines for sexual purposes.

In addition to the federal charges, York has pleaded guilty in state court to 74 counts of child molestation, one count of child exploitation and two counts of influencing witnesses. Sentencing in state court is on hold until the federal case is disposed of, as his sentence is to run concurrent with any federal sentence that is imposed.

With the rejection of the plea bargain, York has the option of withdrawing his guilty plea and take his chances with a jury, or attempt to strike a new agreement with prosecutors.

York's trial is scheduled to begin Aug. 4.

York owns a home off Timothy Road in Athens, and his sect bought a storefront on West Broad Street it intended to turn into a lodge and book store. The Nuwaubians also have a 476-acre compound in Eatonton. Prosecutors allege child molestations occurred in both Eatonton and Athens.

Royal not only taught at the Athens-based university, but he graduated from the Georgia University School of Law in 1974. President Bush appointed him judge for the Middle District of Georgia in October 2001, and the appointment was confirmed by the U.S. Senate in December of that year.

Former Nuwaubian says leader abused her for years

Innocence lost during life in sect

OnlineAthens/July 26, 2003
By Joe Johnson
Orlando, Fla. -- A spaceship from another universe would be arriving to save her from the coming apocalyptic destruction of life on Earth.

The price for this 11-year-old girl's ticket to safety was nothing less than the theft of her childhood, innocence and faith.

They were allegedly stolen by Dwight ''Malachi'' York, leader of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, a religious sect to which the girl, her mother and younger sister belonged. Membership for the girl meant years of alleged sexual abuse at the hands of York and a Spartan existence at the sect's Putnam County compound, devoid of the normal pleasures of childhood.

She can never regain what has been stolen from her, but the now-18-year-old woman is seeking at least $1 billion in damages from York in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Athens. The lawsuit alleges York molested her from the time she was 11 until she was 17, on properties York owns in both Athens and near the Putnam County town of Eatonton.

Known by York's followers simply as ''The Land,'' the 476-acre Putnam County compound was not only where Nuwaubians lived, it served as headquarters for a large business enterprise. The compound resembles an Egyptian theme park, with large pyramids and an entrance gate covered with hieroglyphics.

From the compound, Nuwaubians sold various books - including York's version of the Bible, ''The Holy Tablets.'' at $300 per copy - along with incense, coloring books, audio tapes, pens and pencils and even a lifelike Malachi York doll.

The woman who filed suit against York is one of several victims who assisted investigations which led to York's arrest on state and federal child molestation charges. As a result, she said she fears retribution from York's still-stalwart legion of supporters. As a condition of her interview with the Athens Banner-Herald she requested she be identified as ''Stacey,'' not her real name.

She now holds in contempt the man she once revered and said her time spent at the Putnam County compound is a nightmare she would like to forget.

Inside the compound
Life at the Putnam County compound as described by Stacey was highly regimented and seemed to be more of a combination boot camp and sweat shop than a religious retreat.

Children, boys and girls alike, were made to look the same by having close-cropped Afro-style haircuts and wearing white United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors T-shirts. They were awakened early in the morning to do chores and were led into the woods for calisthenics. They were called to prayer three times a day and made to memorize York's quasi-religious writings.

Children at the compound were separated from their parents, and Stacey said the only time she saw her mother was when they encountered each other in York's business office. The Nuwaubians were segregated at the compound by age and gender. Stacey lived in one of eight houses there with other girls her age.

''I hated everything about it - it was like being in a prison without gates,'' Stacey said. ''At times you'd be lucky to make a plate because so many people would be eating and there was so little food. And you got tired of eating the same nasty stuff every day. If you got meat, you were lucky.''

Even the adults were tightly controlled, according to Stacey, who said that upon joining the Nuwaubians they turned over their worldly possessions to York, including cars, titles to homes and bank accounts. He dictated where they lived and when they could leave and re-enter the compound. The men could not have relations with, or even talk to, the women without York's permission.

There were more than 20 people living in each house, with double bunkbeds placed in nearly every room, including the dining rooms and living rooms, Stacey said.

Because Stacey was one of York's chosen few, her chores involved working exclusively in the Nuwaubian leader's residence, which she cleaned daily. York's office was also in his residence, and Stacey was put to work there learning computer skills to assist in York's business enterprise. ''I didn't get to play with the other kids,'' Stacey said. ''I had to stay in his house all day. I hated it. But if I said I wanted to leave, where was I going to go? There's nothing but miles of trees and woods with animals, and I don't know Georgia.''

'Something wonderful'
Like York, Stacey originally came from New York City. She, her mother and a younger sister were among hundreds of Nuwaubians who moved to the compound when York bought the Putnam County property in 1993.

Stacey said after working in York's house for a period of time, and after she turned 11, an adult member of the Nuwaubian leader's ''inner circle'' informed her ''something wonderful'' was going to happen that would have ''deep significance for her spiritual development.''

After eating a meal prepared specially for her at York's home one evening, Stacey was instructed by the woman to go upstairs to take a bath that had been drawn for her.

''So I bathed,'' Stacey said. ''Then I heard (York's) voice say, 'Come in,' and so I followed the voice into his bedroom and then it happened.

''He told me not to be scared, that it's going to hurt a little, but it hurt a whole damn lot.''

Stacey said York eventually told her the reason she had been summoned to his bed.

''The first time he didn't explain,'' she said. ''I mean, it was late and I was kind of scared - I mean I was really scared because I didn't know what was going on. But after awhile he explained the religion, that I had a purpose there and all this crappy stuff,'' Stacey said. ''He told me not to tell anyone, that it was a secret. At first I thought it was a privilege because it was such a big secret, but when I saw he was doing the same thing with other girls, so what makes it such a privilege? After a while I just felt like I was a prisoner in that place and couldn't get out.''

What sustained her during the years of sexual abuse was a form of dissociation.

''It's like you're somewhere, but you're not really there, you know?'' Stacey said. ''You're just there for the moment, doing whatever, because that's what you have to do.''

Stacey said while she was at the compound there were at least five other girls York favored, and they were all told that before the apocalypse came, they would be among the 144,000 believers who would be spirited away to safety by the mother ship from the planet Rizq from the galaxy Illyuwn.

''I've never seen an alien, but they drill it into you so much that you actually start believing in them,'' Stacey said.

Breaking away
In addition to the Putnam County property, York in 1998 bought a $528,000 mansion on Mansfield Drive in Athens, where Stacey said she was sometimes taken for more sexual abuse.

It was at about that time she began to rebel against York's authority, coming to see that York expected her to act like an adult in his bedroom, yet he treated her like a child the remainder of the time.

''You're told that you have to do certain things, and so you feel if you do the same things they do, why can't I do everything that they do?'' Stacey said.

It was while in Athens that Stacey began planning her break from the Nuwaubians, despite the fear tactics York used to keep her there, including a prediction she would be raped and murdered if she left.

''They would take me out to the stores in Athens, and I'd see all the college kids and stuff, so I'm like, 'Damn, I want to do that one day,' '' Stacey said. ''I mean, I don't always want to walk around bald and looking like a freak.''

Upon being sent back to the Putnam County compound in 1999, Stacey called her father in New York and asked him to get her. He did, but it wasn't until the next year that Stacey confided in a sister about the sexual abuse she had endured. When the sister told their father, he in turn contacted authorities.

York was arrested in May 2002 on state and federal charges. He has since pleaded guilty to 74 state counts of child molestation, and as part of a plea agreement pleaded guilty to a single federal count of transporting children across state lines for sexual purposes. The plea bargain was rejected by a U.S. District Court judge earlier this month, and a trial on the federal charges is scheduled to begin Aug. 4.

Sentencing on the state charges is on hold because the sentence is to run concurrent with any federal sentence that is imposed.

Trying to survive
Stacey, who now lives with family in Florida, graduated from high school in May and hopes to one day attend law school. She said she became interested in law while doing legal research for York when Putnam County officials began conducting inspections of the Nuwaubian compound.

In the meantime, she said, it is a daily struggle to get her life on an even keel - socially, emotionally and spiritually.

''I find it hard to believe in anything because I just think everything is bull-- now - excuse my French,'' Stacey said. ''You come from where you see people make up stuff, so it makes you wonder, 'Does everybody else do it?' It's hard for me to be religious. I don't know where my faith actually lies.''

She said she continues to have ''problems'' with her family, because ''we just don't really know each other.''

Stacey has also had problems maintaining a relationship with a boyfriend because her Nuwaubian experience left her with trust issues, and she found herself asking, ''What's he in it for - what does he want from me?''

In short, Stacey is trying to adjust to living the life of a normal young adult.

''There's a lot of catching up I've got to do,'' she said. ''So right now, I'm just doing what I have to do to try to survive. Things are a little rough, but I'm trying to make it.''

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