October 10, 2010

Sisters of Tama-Re

While going through one of my external hardrive, I ran into these old photos.  These are my sisters from the land, Tama-Re.  If I can recall correctly these photos were taken prior to the Millenium Ball, the 2000 Ball.  As you can see Robbie isn't dress, she was nice enough to sacrifice and watch the children and stay behind. 
Mentu's wife Mona, Haru's wife Lindsey, the twins mother, Michelle, Kimmie, Kirsten Westbrook, ofcourse me Haniyya Skyler, crazy ass Miriam, and Laqiandia.  Before I forget to mention, these are the sisters who lived on the land and had mates.

the Latino family sneaked in this photo. no seriously, thats Umi Mirium up front.

Miriam, Robbie, and Kemesha

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