December 19, 2012

The Mayan Calendar

I'm getting so many calls regarding this issue.  I just feel the need to address it, maybe it will reduce the calls.  Ok, Doc never mentioned anything that I know of regarding December 21st 2012 or 12/21/12.  There are certain connections with the Mayan that I cannot share due to me being an AEO initiate member. 

There are many dates, we were given. But 12/21/12 is not one of them, as to my knowledge.  We do know this, Sun Cycle is here.  The beginning of a new Cycle and the end of another.  And because of this transition, things will happen.  and all Nuwaubians know this.  We know of the 7 thunders, the effect of the sun cycle, and the melting of the ice, will cause the 23 degree axis to no more.  There will be major natural disasters and weather phenomenon.

But as Doc have told me, that humans must learn to accept the good of what nature gives and the bad it also delivers.  And when nature is unbalance, it will find ways to balance it self, if we won't do it.  Like fleas and ticks on her back, she shake us off, her man-infestation.

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