August 28, 2011

How will you know what is the correct time again?

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The Teacher's Guide to Nuwaubic

Ques:  How will you know what is the correct time again?

Ans:  If you have 361 days in your year, then when the Osiris Star comes in the sky, you start charting it from there, and then, you keep tract of your time.  70 from 361 would be 291, so you know that every 291 days, you will see the Osiris Star come back up again, and you will be going according to the right time, which is going according to nature. 

Back then, the Egyptians would use the natural ore elements of the planet Earth to know the correct time.  Each metal ore gives off a different smells, so when the sun hits it, and heats up the metalk, from the smell, you would know which time of the day it was.  The first ore was platinum, with the breaking of the dawn, then steel, then iron, then nickel, then copper, a rust color, like when the sun appears to go down.  Then it went into the black of the night, and when the sun comes back around again, you had the same cycle again.  This was charted and planned out.  That's how the Egyptians did their timing.  According to the planet Earth, nature.  Everything in the universe works on time.  So we must have our own time based on life around us.

August 22, 2011

Video Documentary

Here's an interesting video about Dr. Malachi Z. York's legal case.  If you guys are really interested in what took place, how the Eatonton and Putnam county officials took used the FBI and government  to get them involved into prosecuting Dr. Malachi Z. York and confiscated their land..   This story will be told and the truth is emerging daily. 

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