March 11, 2010

Jacob York confirmed the Conspiracy

Watch the video footage and it have Jacob York, Dr. Malachi Z. York's son, confirming the conspiracy to help incarcerate his very own father.  This statement also confirms that Abigail Washington, the prosecutor's lead witness for the Dr. York's case, was telling the truth in her recanted video.  OMG!  what more do you need?  Jacob York also known as Yaaqub Muhammad, according to several witnesses, conspired with many disgruntled members of the Nuwaubian community, to send his father to jail with heinous accusations.

Why does Jacob York hates his father so much that he himself lead the conspiracy to incarcerate him for over 135 years?

Why only now this video footage release?  and where is the entire footage?

Everything that Abigail mentioned in her video re-cantment is the truth.  

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