February 23, 2015

Throw Back - Jacksonville Florida HTM Bookstore

Sometimes I question my job, work, or mission.  Sometimes I lack motivation, energy or just plain tired.  I know the Most High senses this and sends someone to remind that our hard work is appreciated.  I heard from an old friend today.  After talking with them my spirit is lifted and felt renewed.  Sometimes we just need to hear those words, that your work is appreciated and much needed.  So we keep going.

Here's a blast from the past.
I think this photo was taken around 1995-1996
We were the Nuwaubians (Nuwaupians) that belonged to the Jacksonville Florida Bookstore


  1. Nice pic . Those were the days getting ready to go t. Kd , Qodesh , Wahanne or Tama re . Great memories.

    1. True Indeed. Eye saw you there on Tuesdays Kosmosan in the Temple receiving degrees of knowledge by The Supreme Grand Master 720 degrees.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. HMMM HTM? What did that stand for if I might ask?


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