August 24, 2009

Is Dr. Malachi Z. York really from Planet Rizq?

According to him, YES.

According to scientists life on this planet started from comets or asteroids carrying bacteria and germinating this planet. Eventually you have your so called "evolution".

What many perceives is that Inteligent Life Forms have to look like us. But scientist and Dr. Malachi Z. York will tell you is bacteria, viruses are your intelligent life forms also. They have the ability to rearrange your genetic code and even some bacteria can alter your physical and emotional statement of mind. 

I was watching the Discovery Channel oneday and scientist speaks about the evolution of life here on earth, might actually originated from some where outhere in space.  Meaning that asteroids, comets and such brought with them germs that evoluted into living beings here on earth.  It's even believe that water is not from here but a product of asteroids that impact here on earth.  These asteroids were believe to carry frozen liquid that became what our ocean is today. 

So what is not to say that aliens whose technology is way far advance than ours, woudn't they have the technology or the know how on how to send a living species here with us to send us a message.  Didn't they say that Jesus is not from here also?

Bacteria, Germs, or Viruses can either be good for you for kill you.

will continue in a bit.

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