August 26, 2009

Who were the three Wisemen?

Ans: Balthasar - meaning "Save the Life of the King". Balthasar (45 B.C. -49 A.D.) Was a Cushite Descendant from Noah (the grandfather of Cush). This tribe was situated in Ethiopia which was where the tribes of Dan and Judah fled to when they split off from the remaining tribes of Israel. The tribes of Dan and Judah went to the south and the other tribes went to the North of Africa. Those tribes which journeyed to the north were the ones mentioned in II Kings 17:18 who were destroyed by El Eloh, the Most High. These tribes mixed in with the neighboring tribes and were mixed to extinction (A Fate You Nubians of today are heading toward) (Hosea 13:16). The tribes that went to the south stayed on the path of El Eloah or Allah called in Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) Sabiyl Allah (...) and remained faithful to Al Tawhiyd (...), or the aloneness of El Eloh.
This is the tribe which Balthasar was descended from (II Kings 19:30) Balthasar traveled with four of his students from Ethiopia. His Students were:
1. Zaarwandaad - son of Artaban.
2. Hurmizdaad - Son of Sitaruk
3. Gushansaaf - Son of Gundhephar.
4. Arshaakh - Son of Miharuk.

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