February 12, 2010

Excerpt from Millennium Book

Have Dr. Malachi Z. York gave what he came to give?

One of Dr. Malachi Z. York's famous quote is "I came giving you what you want so you would learn to want what I have to give."
The answer to this questions can be easily found in the book entitled "The Millennium Book Part 2".  A good friend of mine who is an advent reader of Dr. Malachi Z. York's books found this pertinant information.  The excerpt is as follows:

"Here It Is, I Have Said It All.  What More Can I Say?  All Those that opened their door to me, I took under my wing, and gave all I have to give.  I took you as I took the baby Cherub in the heavens, in hopes of Reforming the Disagreeable Nature to the Agreeable Nature.  I have tried with all my might to change you, and have you excel in every and any endeavor your mind wants to comprehend.  Some of you have become and can become Highly Esteemed Teachers and make yourselves worthy of not being forgotten when my time to speak on your behalf is here.  However, you can't let your ego and arrogance change the purity and beauty of RIGHT KNOWLEDGE, for it was the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE that Opened Your Eyes To Come To Me.  Dont' become APOPHIS or APEP, AZAZL "The Removed One" and his many other names, who after he surpassed all the angelic beings, NETERU in the heavens with his intelligence, felt that he was greater than his Adopted Father and Teacher, Myself, Malachi-Zodoq, Also Known as Melchizedek, Murdoq, Miyka-el, and in this day and time Amunnubi Raakhptah and Neter:  A'aferti ATUM-RE.

If you look on the internet, everyday you will find more and more different catastrophies happenng.  The world is in an uproar, and their days are over.  Something is happening everyday.  The 6,000 year rule of the devil is up.  His time is over.  The Sun Cycle is Now coming in, and the Iluminati or Luciferians will not rule the Sun Cycle from the darkness.  Don't look for them to disappear.  They WILL DISAPPEAR AND DISSIPATE.  Its Time for the Nine Ether Beings to Stand Up.  It's Our Rule.  It's Our Time.  Time is Now!"
The Millennium Book Part 2
Page 812

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