June 05, 2010

Letter from Dr. Malachi Z. York on July 24, 2007

Make sure Nefu,
Naasir-Robi Dion get a copy
Amun-Nubi-RE-Ankh-Ptah 720
H.E. Dr. Malachi Z. York

Well well well SA Neb-Nawur-Atum-RE yes its me once again I come before you to do what I incarnated to do so I will do my Best to keep all on the Ptah once re-turned TAO the right overstanding WU-NUWAUPU.  Well once the evil ruler of the 15th dynasty who was a Hykosos called for good reason Apophis and his mixed Hebrew rulers of the 16th dynasty by the time it came to the 17th dynasty which had 15 Theban rulers all Nuwaupian "Seqenen-RE" TAO I, TAO II then on to KA-MOSE, we move to the 18th dynasty of AH-MOSE then Amun-Hotep I Tuthmosis I Tuth Mosis II to teh great female ruler Hat-Shep-Sut from her 10 rulers the 21st dynasty had 7 rulers the 22nd dynasty had 10 rulers 23rd dynasty had 1 ruler and the 24th dynasty had 1 ruler.  The 25th dynasty is where this walk takes us SUN.  Ruler KASHTA father of PI-ANKY and SHABAKA.  And PI-ANKY was father of SHABATAKA and TAHARKA or TAHARKO.  You see standing between the paws of PAA-RUTI "the sphinx".  And his brother SHABATAKA was the father of TA-NUT-AMUN, who are these great people they were called by many different names.  Nubians, Cushites, Put, Sudanese, Ethiopian the name PI-ANKH-Y the living two or ruler of the two lands master of two lands Misr "Egypt" and Kush "Ethiopia".  They called them Hamites or Khami, Kemet.  As well and TAMARY from TA-MA-RE the place called Adbassa, also know as PUT or Modern day Southern Sudan and we called our selves ADBASSA, Our land began with the first cataract on the Nile.

The Nile is about 4,145 miles long and flows from the so called lake Victoria that's what John Hanning speke called it in 1858 it was called MWANZA flowing up to UGANDA through the Sudan on to TAMA-RE Egypt meets at TUTI then flows on up to Gihon Giza breaks in to 4 rivers to the left Pison Sals to the right TANIS.  On into the Mediterranean Sea on up to become two other rivers which flow back down to become the Hiddekel to Sumeria, and to become Euphrates.  Yes sun the four rivers flowed out of Ganawa.  TAMARE for their Bible and Quranic stories the original people of HUT-KA-PTAH, Nuwaupia called NAPATA and Meroe or NUWAUPIAN Moors, called the Meroitic era and the NAPATAN era.  The Nuwaupic language was called the NAPATA tongue and Merotic tongue was Kushite tongue which became Geez, Amharic, Aramic, Syritia Hebrew, Chaldean, Akkadian, Arabic, Nabation.

So you will see which look like Arabic or Hebrew Children tongues of Akkadian and Chaldean in Nuwaupic because they all came from NAPATA or Nuwaupic.  Today also Butana was known as Put, or the land of the ADBASSA people the Latin speaking Italians changed it to Abyssinia or sons of Mbog BASSA, who were Shabaka, Shabataka, and Taharko builder of 19 temples with two great ones at Jabel Barkal and NAPATA.  The BASSA people of Liberia get their name from BAH-SOOH who succeeded SUAHNUHENEH BAS  or BA from Egiptian BAA-BA sprit being, personality.  Divine father BA BA, and SOOH which means Rock or Stone.  BASSA from two words BAH-SOOHH father SOOH or stone.  As you see our name too many changes as we lost our power and was mis-placed invaded, ruled.

Well sun there is so much more about us as a people, we put it down to accept less.  We now follow others.  We are not all.  Hebrew, Israelites, Ishmaelite.  We and not Asiatic, we are not Blackman, we are not Muslims, or Moslems, we are not Moabites, or Canaanites.  We are not Yoruba, none of the ISM's are ours yet they all come from us.  As did the Hebrews, Muslims, Christians, Yoruba, all come from HUT-KA-PTAH. "Egypt".  All the faiths of this world had to come from where the word of humans began.  Is that not so son?

Well all has agree that life as they know it did not start in China, No! Nor India No! Nor in America No! Nor in Alaska No! Nor in Europe No! but in fact all life on this planet had it roots out of Africa which they called it to mean Divide/Separate, they knew back then.  As you see today with the name game.  Separate us, and we fall apart.  Look at our own Nuwaupian family, it worked on us.  We put TAMA-RE aside, we took off our dress, put down our books, became other then self.  Look at us clowns.  Replace Black book for Robert's rules took off black fez for top hat,  Closed Mir's became houses, new bible names or shrines under cover Ansar Muslims, Separated us.  Who came to save us.  AD-BASSA of Libera that's who.  Who is working on my freedom Libera.  Well son as you can see, my hand and my eyes hurt so I will end this walk with you and all the family at this point.

Anuki Fi Paa A'shug Shil Paa-Paut Wa Kull A'shug Kalun Fi-Nee.
I am in the love of ALL and all love is in me.


Hope o hear from you soon.  Tell my daughter Richelle I am still with her all the way I trusted her.  I still trust her to do the job and do it right pick her head up.  Her father is not a fool.  I know ice cream with bones, as well as dry water, Jell-o with skin.  She will overstand me.


We are not the Sudanese today who are mixed seed of indo-Arabs.  We are not the Ethiopian today who are mixed seed of Canaanite- Israelites.  We are Not the Nubians today who are also-mixed with Greek Romans.

I can't keep feeding you if you don't send back typed out clear when i sent to each of you.  I loose my way, along the way and repeat my self too old sun.

ka Tur ASHg sa
Much Love Son

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