June 08, 2010

Why did these women went against Dr. York?

You mean the women on the Montel William Show?
Pauline Rogers
Sakina Parham    -    Nicole "Adah" Lopez 

Well according to them is because they were sexually abused against their own will.  I only know two of them personally.  I don't know much about Pauline Rogers.  But what I do know about Pauline Rogers is, she wanted child support from Dr. Malachi Z. York.  But Dr. York went for custody of his children.  and Apparently he won.  Because during the raid her son was present while FBI and Police officers were pointing guns at the children of Tama-Re.  Below is the video footage of her son.

This is Luqman Rogers.  son of Pauline Rogers.

Why would she put her own son in danger?  If she knew of the raid and investigation.  Why didn't she use this to get her son out of there.  Haven't she heard of "Waco Massacre"  where FBI killed all those so called cult members.  How about my recent post, Officer Weekley killed a little black girl during a drug raid, supposedly accidental.   I mean these FBI and Police Officers carried along body bags.  They were expecting the worst of the worst.  As if Nuwaubians are known Thugs, or violent individuals.  For God's sake!  Nuwaubians, if anything, are Nerds! They peddle books!

I really don't want to bring this up.  Maybe she's upset because her child was born with abnormalities.  The same way Adah's mother, who also had a baby born with Abnormality.  Coincidence?  that's for the readers to decide.

Here's another coincidence.  Did you know that Sakina Parham was put out of the land because she was accused of having an affair by an outside brother, who was at that time was training her on web design?  And Husna, who also testified against Dr. Malachi Z. York, was also put out of the land because she was caught having an affair with Taharka.  A brother who's mate is Shafiykah.  Scandalous!  I say Scandalous!  Here's another fact.  Abigail also known as the main witness against Dr. Malachi Z. York, was also accused of having an affair.  The girl was caught in the laundry room talking to some guy.  And when asked who she was talking to, her respond was her uncle.  That's one of the reason why Abigail was put out.  So the bottom line is Sakina Parham, Husna, and Abigail were all put out of the land because of their lack of loyalty and and uncontrolled hormones.  and they retaliated.

And now they want to justify their action by accusing of Dr. Malachi Z. York of sexual abused.  But we all know this is not about sexual abuse.  Truth is Truth.  The government use these women.  And they were stupid enough to get use.  On top of it all, Sakina, Adah,  and Abigail gain immunity on all criminal charges by testifying against Dr. York.  My question is "WHAT CHARGES?".  What criminal charges they did admitted to?   I feel that if you did something illegal, you ought to be responsible for it.  And deserve the same type of punishment that Dr. Malachi Z. York received in this case.

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