June 06, 2010

Officer Joseph Weekley killed a little black girl.

Officer Joseph Weekley

Officer Joseph Weekley, a member of the Detroit Police Special Response Team who was placed on a desk job after his gun discharged during a raid Sunday, resulting in the death of young Aiyana Jones.

That's how the media plays with word game.  Instead of saying that "Officer Joseph Weekley shot and killed a little girl who was sleeping on the couch during a raid", they use words like "gun discharged".   

Seriously?  Seriously!!!  and the result in the death of young Aiyana Jones is, the officer gets a desk job.  Yep, but the real result in Aiyana Jones death, is she's dead!  Where's the apology from officer?  Wheres the sympathy?  Where's the media.  Yahoo.com would rather include in their home page a research result about Flip Flops than this great tragedy.  That's white folks for you!  and America!

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  1. Not all "white folks" are insensitive and do not condone Aiyana's egregious and horrible murder. I sincerely hope that her surviving family finds some peace, although I realize that it may never come. I hope that somehow her family will know that many "white folks" share their grief and sorrow.

    There are too many Joseph Weekleys who have badges and guns, and they menace people of all colors all across this country. Although it will not bring Aiyana back, I pray that the murderer receives the full penalty for which the law provides.

    Tom Jannusch
    Cedaredge, Colorado

    1. While there is outrage over the sacrifice of a melanin child. I dare say that as times continues these actions are laying the path for their destruction. The nature of the beast will turn inward upon itself because it is in mankind's nature to destroy themselves. For Far too longg they have sacrafice the melanin-nite children because of the power they believe they receive from it. Although our souls are sad we must not allow the human beast to relish in our lower energies of fear anger and despair this is why it is necessary for their so-called police forces to conduct themselves in this manner if you factor in brain washing and de-sensitizing military and police forces to killing murder there can be no doubt in the justification of their actions THEY MUST DESTROY THEMSELVES.


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