June 01, 2010

Phthalate causes regression?

According to CBS 60 Minutes U.S. Congress band Phthalate from toys after the researcher Dr. Swan stated that several baby boys suttle ways less completely masculine.  "What the Fudge!"  Did you get that.  So this female scientist is saying that Phthalate which is a chemical added to plastic to make it more flexible, makes baby boys gay? Was that right?  

According to the video above, after watching it only once, there was a research done using rodents and found out that phthalate disrupt hormones activities, causes deform sex organs, low testosterone levels, 
low sperm counts, hypho spadious and etc... 

Well according to Dr. Malachi Z. York.  Just get out of their way and nature will do the rest.  This is definitely another SIGNS OF TIME.  They are having a hard time reproducing and now their baby boys are becoming less masculine?  

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