August 02, 2010

Will Black Politicians Free Us?

(Excerpt from the book "Our True Roots" Scroll #138, Revised)

Ans:  Absolutely No.  Because most of your Black Politicians of black leaders, whether they call themselves revolutionists or black religious sectarians or black Supremists, with the going back to Africa or Israel dream; or voting to put blacks into power; all of these people or at least most of them, got into position by working for and with the evil one.  Those that didn't, such as Marcus Garvey or Noble Drew Ali or Dr. Martin Luther King, were swiftly eliminated because of their sincerity.  You are in a bad way as a people and only a divine force within your very own chest can liberate you from this bondage in America, or the western world.

(Excerpt from the book "Our True Roots" Scroll #138, Revised)

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