January 28, 2010

Prophecies of the Doc

Question and Answer Class by Dr. Malachi Z. York entitled "Prophecies of the Master Teacher" enjoy the video

Mysteries of Tehuti

Question and Answer Class with Dr. Malachi Z. York entitled "Mysteries of Tehuti"

Dr. York in 1992

This video was recorded live in 1992 while in Catskill NY. Dr. York speaks about the Scroll of Eyes and the move to Eatonton Georgia

Cults & Egiptian Mysteries

Watch this video Dr. Malachi Z. York speaks about Cults and Egyptian Mysteries in a Question and Answers Class recorded live on Tama-Re Egypt of the West.

Video in 1997

This video playist was recorded in 1997.  Dr. Malachi Z. York speaks about the Yamassee Native Americans.

January 26, 2010

If things couldn't get any worst

Last night, Sunday probably one of the most shocking night ever.  Sister Black, the younger sister of Dr. Malachi Z. York, miraculously got on the phone conference and asked the question that everyone 'till this day is wondering.  "WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY BROTHER'S LEGAL" and continue to say "MY MOTHER'S, WHO IS HIS MOTHER, WANTS TO KNOW?"  She goes on and explained how she has now been taking care of her mother for over seven years and no one checks up on her.  Mona, who is Mentu Hotep's wife, who resides in Brooklyn, NY asked black "Do you know the brother Chris? and didn't he helped?"  Sister Black asnswered her and stated I really don't want to go there.  But Mona again asked Sister Black about this brother Chris?  She said okay yes, "I had to Send Him Money Because He Was In Jail." 

By the way before Sister Black got on the phone conference which is a question and answer class that is scheduled every Sunday and gives updates on Dr. Malachi Z. Yorks' legal case, Dana Dixon was on the conference giving answers to questions.  Another word she was teaching.  Dana Dixon is also a part of the legal team and the administration. 

I'm going to post the audio recording so you can hear for your self.  I just cannot explain it enough.  The point is they didn't give any answer to her and they ran.  YES FOLKS THEY RAN AWAY!!! DANA DIXON RAN AWAY OFF THE PHONE.  Ignored Sister Black's question regarding her brother Dr. Malachi Z. York. 

To make things worst.  Waki called the conference few minutes after Sister Black was long gone.  and totally discredit her,  character assassinated her, called her a con artist and that she must have another agenda and even goes as far as Sister Black have people reporting to her.  It was soooo saaaadddd.  That Waki who is also Dr. Malachi Z. Yorks sister, just totally bashed her sister over 100 listeners worldwide.  What I don't understand is Sister Black didn't say anything negative.  She just wanted to know what is going on with her brother's case because the administration or her own family is not updating her.  and that her own mother is asking about her son, who is Dr. Malachi Z. York.

What the fuck was that about?   Can anybody else hear that.  Sister Black didn't asked for any money or help but just every now and then a phone call would be nice, she said.

January 24, 2010

Question: How did they change from fish to birds to reptiles to rodents?

24.  As was stated earlier, the animals mated within their own species and did not mix.  However, intervention by extraterrestrial alchemists and geneticists experimenting and tipped the scales, thus producing disorder.

Question: Is there any proof of this?

Proof of this disorder is found in the offspring of various animals that were mated out of their class.  This was done by genetic breeding.

Question: Why would god or gods do such a cruel thing?

26.  It's the religious misinterpretations of superior beings that leaves the impression that they all must be good, the term God even in the Bible, which gave birth to the Qur'an is sometimes applied to evil beings, disagreeable beings as in all cultures.

Question: Were these spiritual or physical beings?

27.  Both, for the word A'aferti has its root in a'fara, "dust," and implies the taking on of dust particles, dehydrated blood.  Yet, it's translated as pharoah  as a human yet spiritual god, who all gave reverence to the Neteru which has its roots in Na Ta Ra, which means "watchers or guardians". Spiritual beings who can personify.

28.  So both principles are covered.  And there were and are good physical people, bad physical people; good spiritual beings and bad spiritual beings.

Question: Is this the reason for the imperfection in creation?

29.  Yes.  Some scientists succeed and some fail.  The sad thing is that these ancient scientists in religion are called god, and religious people respect the perfections and ignore the imperfections, or refuse the to acknowledge if one god is in control of all things, and he would be responsible for all the imperfections in creation, as well.

Question: All deformaties are god's fault?

30.  No, many diseases, viruses, deformaties are caused by human beings themselves.  Bad diet, bad health habits.  Many deformities have occured with the aid of human kind.

January 22, 2010

Sun Cycle

We're so blessed to have this information.  And yet, you have many others out there have made it their mission to stop the spread of Nuwaubu or Nuwaupu.  The Sun Cylce information is here to stay.  Our time is NOW.  Doc once told us that just because their time is up, they can still win by snatching your soul to the bottom with them.  He said you will see the clues in the artists they promote.  How rap will turn to head banging music and hip hop artist will turn into pimps, white singers will sing with soul, porn will take over the nuwaubian's state of mind, without the knowledge of self and kind, and NUWAUBU, nature will get rid of us like an infestation (man-infestion) and the sun will play a big role.  He said our melanin needs to stay clean.  and IN TUNE we must be with nature.  Study your AEO, AMOM, Sons of the Greenlight.  These are our three schools, Physical, Spiritual & Mental.  and with the Guidance from the Masters, inside you will know who is our guide and true messenger. 

He said, if they win, black will become white, and white will become black.  As you can already see the transformation happening.  Even Nuwaubian women are regressing.  Our hairstyle, the low cut hair with a Ninti braid to the side, was once a beacon of pride as  a Nuwaubian woman and now its back to perm and hair coloring.  Imitating what is considered to beautiful.

The brothers, regressing to homo sapien, almost the need to walk on all fours.  Their body structure is changing, due to the pants hanging off their pants. 

No role models for Nuwaubians.  They have smeared our teacher's name.  Many are shameful, as of Peter in the bible who denied Yashua.  Constant negativity to our administration and no respect.  And now many are claiming that Doc didn't write these books.  They are promoting that he's a fraud.  I guess they never heard him speak.  Now I see why he put out so many audio cds with questions and answers class and forums. 

They say he's not a man from Planet Rizq.  They also said that there was no water on the moon and Mars.

Haru Hotep?

Wow just read something sooooo deeep in the 'GUIDANCE FROM THE MASTERS" it has something to do with Haru Hotep.  Too bad I can't elaborate further because these scrolls are only for the members of Ancient Egiptian Order. 

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