February 13, 2010

The Scroll of Eyes

Everyone is talking about the scrolls of eyes.  Let's see what the Holy Tablets by Dr. Malachi Z. York says about the Scroll of Eyes.

Tablet 6:379

379 He was, He Is, and he will be in the end, having The Holy Tablets, The Scroll of Eyes and the Key to Time, and the power to hold back Haylal, who is the one that was removed from the skies. 

380  This is the birth of Murduk also known as Miyka'El, and Yaanuwn and his mystery name is Sabathil.  He is the ruler of Malakuwt, the grandson of ANU.

This is How It Was Recorded
And This is How It Will Be

and below is a video footage where Dr. Malachi Z. York speaks of the Scroll of Eyes way back in 1992
around 2:22 of this video is where he speaks about The Scroll of Eyes

I hope this clears the many confusion about the scroll of eyes.


  1. so did he ever get to finish the book? I noticed how he talked about it being for his young disciples, but has this book been complete and is It being sold anywhere?

  2. Was it completed sister? Why was this removed?


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