January 23, 2011

More Newspaper Clippings

I would like to thank the sister Haniyya for emailing me these articles.  And anybody wants to share their article or newspaper clippings, email them to me at aeoebookstore@gmail.com  These newspaper clippings are records of what took place regarding Dr. Malachi Z. York's case.  and can be very helpful tools and research materials for anyone working for the FREEDOM of Dr. York.

click each newspaper clipping to view a larger image.


Jury to resume deliberations in York case

Malachi York in Putnam County:  From arrival to arrest and conviction

York pleads guilty to federal charges
Nuwaubian leader gets 15 years; hearing on state charges today

York's lawyer asks for new judge

York admits abusing 13

What future holds for Nuwaubians

Nuwaubians defend York

American Indians plans to protest York's claim to be chief of Yamassee

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