January 24, 2011

Brother Danny just passed.

Brother Danny is the 2nd victim of car accidents that I know happened in the family.  Except for the people that perish in Sakina Mt Vernon's car accidents.  I didn't know them but the Nation also morned for their passing.  May Peace and Blessings Be Upon brother Danny.  I couldn't possibly imagine the sorrow that he's Umi feels, the experiences of loosing two sons.  A mother should never have to bury her children.

I'm gonna go through my archives of photos to see if I can find some of he's photos.

But what I do re-collect of brother Danny, was he was a tropper for Dr. Malachi Z. York.  He loved the doctrine and stayed true to it.  He was Doc's mechanic and was proud of it and did his work without selfishness.  He was kind hearted and truly believed in the Nuwaubian's caused.

May the Most High receives him with open arms.

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