January 22, 2011

Are we ready for what is about to take place?

Even though it may not seems like it... I think we had ample amount of time to prepare for whats inevitable.  Dr. Malachi Z. York have been warning us about what awaits billions of people.  Well it seems like the ones who can, are leaving.  If you had a chance to check out the news lately... There have been numerous amount of rocket ships leaving the planet.  And some are considered top-secrets.  There are some links for you to check out.

    As if they are really going to tell the reason why they are leaving.  Remember what Dr. York have been telling us for many years.  They are gonna try to under first... and then they are going to try to go out of space.  Well.... another prophecy fulfilled by Dr. Malachi Z. York.  How prepared are we.  And is preparation even going to help us.  I know one thing... Where's NIBIRU?  If you're not planning on boarding Nibiru... I hope you are prepared for what is to take place.  Major events are happening... Did you see what happened to Australia?  100,000 people perish.  Did you hear about the birds, the fish in the sea?  Its happening all around us.  Did you hear about the recent shifts in the magnetic poles?  They had to postpone rockets from take off due the the shifting of the magnetic poles.  Signs of times.  Again are we prepared as a community?

    Got to get my emergency kit and dome house.


    1. Hummm....I clicked on all three links in your blog and or some reason, they are no longer available or never existed! (sarcastic remark on my part!)Time for our transformation is at hand. Are we prepared as a community? The answer would be a resounding NO!


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