January 24, 2011

Who is Lilith?

Ans:  According to Hebrew folklore she existed before Kadmon, Zakar, Adam (ADABA) and Nekaybaw, Hawaa, Eve (TI.TI) and in semitic legend Lilith is an evil female spirit said to hunt in deserted places and attacks children.  She is the Queen mother of the Luciferians and a high priestess of the Upper hierarchy.  Her names are listed below with her male counterpart:

1  Lilith     -     Lucifer (Isa.14:12)
2  Laylat     -     Lucis (Isa. 14:12)
3  Lili     -     Moon     -  Lucus (Isa.14:12)
4  Litutu     -     Luna     -     Lux
5  Lillette     -     Lus
6  Laylah     -     Lust = Luster

Even the name Elizabeth is Lillibet.  The present British Queen is called Queen Bee Elizabeth or El-Lizard-birth.  She is the major reptilian gene carrier;  Blue Blood - Cold Blooded, reptiles.  Satan or Shaytan.

~  The above is an excerpt from the book entitled "Is Jesus God?" by Dr. Malachi Z. York.  Do you think its a coincidence that the person so called in charge now in the nation is name Elizabeth Westbrook, aka Nefu Amun Hotep.  Pay attention to their name.  The other sister thats her right hand girl, her name Dana Dixon.  Pay attention to their names.  They have also erected the brotherhood of Seti, the Setians, and their so called security is the Paa Madjuyu which their logo consists of a fly.  

Figure 1, Paa Madjuyu logo
their website is www.paamadjuyu.com 

Our nation has been taken over the disagreeable beings.  They better wake up and change their ways and remember what Dr. Malachi Z. York has taught us.  Don't be fooled.  No one can't tell you anything that Dr. York has not answered in his books.  Read his books for yourselves.

If you know anything about the fly, is a symbolic of Beelzebub, the devil.  

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