August 04, 2014

AMOM Nuwaubian Meditation book

I wanted to share this passage from the book entitled AMOM Nuwaubian Meditation.

"Cultivation of delightful hobby which requires the work of your hands, this is recommended."
page 29

I have always said that my knitting and crocheting work is my form of meditation.  But I had no idea this had any validity until now.  Here's the rest of the paragraph:

Cultivation of inner quietude, silence and solitude is recommended also.  You should be silent in solitude at least for one period daily.  Cultivation of nature in the outdoors, gardening, walking on the grass, the total involvement in nature at it works.

Ques:  Is meditation prayer?  is meditation deep and sustained thinking?

Ans:  Meditation is not prayer.  Prayer is either petition or an expression of gratitude and thankfulness.  Meditation is neither.  You pray to Hu.  We meditate through concentration upon ideas and objects as described in my talk.  Eventually, meditation is a communion with your soul, and through this communion with your soul, you finally attained communion with Hu.

For the Ancient & Mystic Order of Melchizedek
Nuwaubian Meditation, page 29-30

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