December 05, 2010

2004 Nuwaubu Ball

 I just wanted to share more of my photos thats been hiding for years.  What the point of having a photo album if you can't share 'em.  Besides I'm pretty sure the family would love to see these photos.  Now I wish people would share them theirs to me.  email me at
Dr. Malachi Z. York's sister, name Waki

Sista Nuwal



Nuwal and Faiza

Al Mahdi Shriners

Al Mahdi Shriner Members

Doc's Children's caretaker.  She help take care and raise a lot of Doc's children on the land.

I haven no idea who they are.

That looks like Buns' wife on the right there.  She's the twins mother.  

Sean and his baby mamma

crazy Miriam

Umi Farita and crazy ass Miriam.  She does have beautiful daughters though. 

Charmaine and her husband.  In charge of the Jewelry department on Tama-Re.

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