November 25, 2010

Is the Move to other southern States beneficial to Nuwaubians?

I'm not sure of how much of it, its true, but according to my sources, the Nuwaubian administration has recommended, or ordered the Nuwaubians to move to other neighboring states such as Florida, Alabama, and the Carolinas.  The reason is they said, because of financial difficulties that many of the Nuwaubians are experiencing and that these states have jobs.  But to my opinion, I think it is more reason to practice what Dr. York have been teaching us since the beginning of his organization, TABERNACLE LIVING.  We knew that these days would come.  and I thought that we were being prepared for it.  But I guess the only thing constant in the universe is change. 

I still do believe that dispersing the Nuwaubian community or dividing is a perfect tactic of cointelpro agents.  I think that being close to each other will help us and dispersing us is more of a hindrance than anything.  Who can better help us but our selves.  There are many Nuwaubians that are having some financial issues.  But there are also many of us that are doing just fine and many of us are doing very well.  This is the time that we have to come together and join forces to help each other survive this economic turmoil. 

  • Roomates - You might not want to share your living spaces, but this is one beneficial way to cut living expenses but sharing your bills with others.  This will allow families and individuals to have a chance to save money. 
  • Work from Home - and if Nuwaubians are having a hard time looking for work, there are plenty of work from home that you can do such as  (and if any want to share other companies that can help Nuwaubians work from home, please email me and share this info @
  • Sell Stuff Online - and and are a great way to sell unwanted items.  
  • Car Pooling - car pooling is another great way to save money and get to work on time without having to rely on public transportation.
  • Support Nuwaubian Businesses - there are many of us who own and operates our own businesses.  Support Us!
  • Open an All Eyes On Egypt Bookstore 
  • Support Nuwaubian Artists
and on and on...

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  1. You know another good way that we have found to save during this hard financial time? We actually replaced our Goodman gas furnace. We found that a lot of money was being wasted on our gas bill every month, especially during these cold winter months, so we replaced our furnace and it is beautiful! Just food for thought.


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