June 27, 2009

Overhead Shots of Tama-Re

Below are overhead shots of Tama-Re. Once called Egypt of the West. It was the vision and product of Dr. Malachi Z. York. He referred to it as "The Holy Land" or simply "The Land" by many Nuwaubians, or Nuwaupians. It was seized by the federal government, after they won the case again Dr. Malachi Z. York.

What's strange to me is I never heard the government taking individual's property due to a child molestation case. But let David Moreland tells you, its exactly how they do things in Putnam County, Eatonton, Georgia. David Moreland is the author who wrote a book called "Chicken Come Home To Roost". Although the book is fiction, according to him, its base on his personal experience. In his interview, he explains how public officials in Putnam County have no regards of the law. For more information about David Moreland's interview visit http://www.nuwaubianfacts.com/

I do have to thank the individual or people that made these overhead shots of Tama-Re possible.  Visit them and download the high resolution images from the following link http://phreakmonkey.com/aviation/nuwaubian-air/

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  1. These aren't your images, you have ripped them off http://phreakmonkey.com/aviation/nuwaubian-air/
    How can you ask people to ask for permission before they use your images when you not only take other people's images off the web without attribution, but even go to the trouble of watermarking them as your own.


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