July 18, 2010

Jacob York Detained by FBI

What a lot of people don't know is that Jacob York, who played a major part in his father's imprisonment, was raided by DEA and FBI prior to Dr. Malachi Z. York's arrest.  I believe that he made some sort deal with the FBI to help prosecute his very own father in exchange for his freedom.  Watch the video below.

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He's very own friend Basil, also known as Damon Pryor, admitted to helping Jacob York commit fraudulent activities.  Basil stated that he was helping Jacob fraud checks to show that he has more money than it looks so he can buy a house.  What a fraud!  If you aint' got it you just ain't got it.

Ques:  What cause Jacob York to go against he's father?
Ans:  According to Abigail Washignton, the prosecutor's main witness is because he thinks, Dr. York is responsible for his mother's death.

I personally think is because Dr. York didn't baby him that's why he's having a child like behavior.  and retaliated against his father.

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