September 25, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long is being accused of Child Molestation

Yep, as Dr. Malachi Z. York stated in his interview entitled "MAKU SPEAKS", "You better get on the band wagon, or they are coming after YOU next".  Dr. York was speaking about the religious leader in Georgia.  Well folks here it is finally just as what Dr. York stated in his recorded live interview.  Bishop Long one of America's well know African American Pastor, right here in Georgia is accused of sexual molestation by young men.  They are not only accusing of Bishop Eddie Long for child molestation or sexual abuse, they are accusing him as a pedophile!  YOU GOT NEXT!


  1. Character assassinated already by the media even before he goes to court. Yep, sound familiar? What kind of jury or justice do you think he'll get? or do you think he'll even make it to court? or do you think he'll settle like Michael Jackson? I hope he doesn't hired the Garland Firm.

  2. How right can one person be???? I find it convenant for the media and the devil to come after sussessful people of power! It NEVER EVER fails!!


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