January 17, 2015

All Eyes on Egypt Bookstore

I was going through some of my books today and noticed the stamped on the books to determine which store it came from.

I remember when All Eyes on Egypt bookstores were everywhere.  But now, they have dwindled but a handful.  Frankly I haven't been in one in so many years.  and I think one of the reason why we have survive is because we are an online store.  Less cost in overhead and allow us to focus more on bringing and keeping the goods coming.  So if you live in a city where there is one, make sure to support them.  They are jewel.   Let me know if you have a AEOE bookstore in your area.  I would love to post them here.

January 16, 2015

New addition to our Hall of Knowledge

New addition to our Hall of Knowledge.  It's 2015 and our time is running out.  We have much work todo and as promised, we will continue our work, to provide you what he came here to give.

  1. The Sacred Egyptian Initiation
  2. It's Alignment Time
  3. Ritual of the Ancient Egiptian Order (A.E.O.) Eternal Life, Eternal Dealth
  4. The Title of Jesus in the Koran and the Bible
  5. The Constitution of the A.E.O. 
  6. Malachi, I will send you Elijah, Part 1
  7. Malachi, I will send you Elijah, Part 2

January 14, 2015

Dr. Malachi Z. York

The Master Teacher 
who appeared to us in 1970 A.D. 
Our Savior
To break the spell. Known today as 
Dr. Malachi Z. York
Who is the 

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