August 03, 2009

Nuwaubu and Amunnubi Rooakhptah Fact or Fiction

excerpt from the book on page 31

"...And let me make this point clear rightn ow, If i was born in Europe, If I was born in China, If I was born in India, If I was born in Alaska, Africa or America, that would not change what I am teaching and the effect it's having on the world and why you have to use what I teach to try to reach your people. We don't need, and I've written about this many times, and ties to Sudan or the Mahdi Family. Our facts stand for themselves. I am linked to the STARS and BEYOND."
on page 33
"... Ques: What does Nuwaubu Deal with?
Ans: The word Nuwaubu gets into some advanced Mathematics and Sciences. It's the key unlocking the spell but only those who will approach it with a sincere heart and open mind and controlled emotions.
The root of the word Nuwaubu is a derivative of the Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) word Nuwb. Another derivative of Nuwb is Nubuwa which means "Prophethood, Prophecy". Nubuwa can also be found in Aramic (Hebrew) Nebuwah "A prediction, teaching" from the root word Nuwb "To Sprout, To Germinate". Nubun which in Cuneiform Means "Before The Light, Presenter Of News".
Nubuwa can be found in Qur'aan 3:79, 6:89, 29:27, 45:16, 57:26."

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