July 27, 2009

John B. Russwurm

JOHN B. RUSSWURM abolitionist, editor, college graduate and government official in Liberia. 1799-1851 A.D.

John Russwurm is most known for having founded the black press in the United States. In 1827 A.D., the first issue of FREEDOM'S JOURNAL was published. Walker's Appeal was first published in this paper. The African Colonization Society was an organization originally set up by pale Americans to return-so-called "free blacks" to Africa. Although John Russwurm was opposed to this plan at first, after studying the situation of blacks in America he became a part of this society and became one of the first blacks to become a "colonial agent". Later he moved to Liberia where he became the first black to hold an office in the black American settlement in Liberia called the Maryland in Liberia Settlement.

It was his goal to make Liberia an example of what blacks could accomplish through self government.

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