July 16, 2009

Judge sets date for trial of Nuwaubian leader

Associated Press
November 26, 2002

Milledgeville -- A judge has set a tentative date for the child molestation trial of Malachi York, leader of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors.
Superior Court Judge William A. Prior Tuesday said the trial would be held in Covington or Griffin on January 13.
The trial must be held before the third Monday in March because some of the defendants have filed motions for a speedy trial.
Among the other counties mentioned as possible locations for the trial during a hearing last month were Fulton, Glynn, Bulloch and Chatham.
York and four women are charged in a 208-count state indictment accusing them of sexually abusing children.
An investigation into York 's quasi-religious sect began after police received anonymous tips that York was molesting children in the group.
A May indictment charged him with 120 counts of child molestation and related crimes. That figure almost doubled in October.

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