July 18, 2009

Dr. Malachi Z. York is sent to ADX Colorado Supermax Federal Prison

A place that America send prisoners it want to punish the most.

Although Dr. Malachi Z. York have no history of violence and was known by many as a peace maker, and even published literature that extols American Government and demands loyalty to the country, the government sends him to a prison that carries the worst of the worst. As Lance Tapley, a journalist who has written extensively on prisons in the U.S., has made critical observations on the use of solitary confinement. “Supermax confinement is repulsive, immoral mass torture that is historically unprecedented. I would also suggest it is illegal under international law,” he told the National Lawyers Guild at its 70th anniversary. View the video to the left to find out more about ADX.

The government sends terrorists, serial killers, mobster to ADX. And now they want to send the prisoners from Guantanamobay. Those prisoners according to several reports don't even have no business of being there. The government doesn't have any evidence against the prisoners of Guantanamobay. And yet they are being held without their rights. Why are we letting them get away with this. First Bush gets aways with invading our privacy. And according to latest reports the extensive amount of data collected is unbelievable. Total violation of our civil and constitutional rights. Talk about big brother


  1. I agree 100% Alicia, Great Post!

    Feel free to visit the website below to become a member of our fraternity.


  2. He was once a good man
    But his ego led to his distruction
    And stop defending his behavior and bad decision
    as well as awful deed!

  3. those people who make that prison and who work there are demons free malachi


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