January 08, 2012

Nuwaubian Pendants

Books aren't the only Dr. Malachi Z. York had produced.  Doc's a genius.  He's the best marketing guru I know.  From books, T-shirts, apparels, audio CDs, DVDs, Shampoo, Lotion, jewelry such as these pendants.  He really thought of everything.  Maybe one day we can put a museum together to house all of this stuff and showcase what one man "One Black Man" can do and accomplish. 

Nuwaubian Pendants

AEO Amulet Pendants
Ancient Egiptian Order

I wanted you all to see how big these pendants are so I put my finger next to it. :)

I can't recall how I got a hold of this pendant.  But its definitely Ansaar.
A Collector's Item.  Very rare. 

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