June 04, 2010

A Letter from Dr. Malachi Z. York in July 25, 2007

Give my true love to all let my daughter Richelle know I love and miss her.


NNraa?baat,  NEB-NAWUR-ATUM-RE.  It's on well well well time for our walk again sun.  Our past, The Bassa (Dei, Bassa, Kru, Krah, Grebo) also referred to as KWA-speakers can trace their historical origins as far dwon as Mozambique in pre-dynastic times, over time they migrated up through Ethiopia (Adbassa-Adbassania-Abyssinia) and established empeies in conjunction with other ethnic groups in the area (Kush, Axum, Meroe).  The 25th dynasty leaders of HUT-KA-PTAH or KHAMIT, KEMET, EGIPT TA-HAR QU, TAHARKO-XA BAKO and XE-BIKO were BASSA.  Their fall from power in KHAMIT would cause a retreat toward central AFRICA towards the lake CHAD Region led by Mbem son of Soye, where the empire of Rifum, Koroafa and Adbassa were established in succession.  Adbassa would last three centuries along side the Bornu, Hausa, and Yoruba kingdoms.  The fall of Adbassa would split the massive Bassa group into many groups sending some to the Kasai Congo (Bassa-La-Mpasu).  Togo (Bassa'r), Senegal, Sierra-Leone, Guinea (Bassa-Ri)  Nigeria (Bassa-Nge), Cameroon (Bassa) and Liberia (Dei, Bassa, Kur, Krahn, Grebo).  The Liberian group was led by Hanak (Hana bo) son of Wenang, the Mano ethnic group of Liberia called the Bassa, Manidyu, meaning the tribe that dries up rivers when they cross.  This Bassa group would split into multiple separate ethnic groups in Liberia and cote d'lvoire (Bete, Kru) when they arrived.  As you see sun we moved all over what is now called Africa.  Many outsiders have come in and mixed their seeds into ours and now claim to be Africans, or Egiptians or Marrocans, or Ethiopians, they invaded from outside of Africa.  Now these outsiders rule our lands spread the religion from outside of Africa.  Like Islam, Christianity and Judaism.  That is many forms of Mosesism, Jesusism, Mohammadism.  All of which got their teachings, lifestyle and religions from us.  As from the 18th dynasty from Akhen-Atun, who taught them the name Atun changed to Aten then Aton then on to Adon to Adonia strongs No# 136 (Arabic script) Ad-O-Noy Lord my Lory from #113 Arabic script Adown controller, Sovereign Master, owner so they took Atun changed it to existing one, living being on to Yahweh then Yahuwah on to Jehovah.  All their so-called Gods comes from Egipt.  They moved in amongst us, steal our way of life changed the names then fed it back to us to blind us with faith, beliefs, spookism, ghost worship.  Now look at our people in Churches, Mosque, Temples worshipping their image as prophets, look like their messiah look like them, Mahdis look like them, Christ look like them, leadership looks like them, and so on.  Look at N.O.I. Allah, Messiah, Mahdi, Master look like them.  Well sun that's it for now our walk today must end sit down and rest until I hear from you on all this.  I do hope it helps Nuwaupians to see we don't need their spookism it don't work for us.  Ghostism, Steam, Vapor, Smoke.

wadH wa hotep
baa baa

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  1. Hamaduk neter shil neteru. Im glad to see you kull doing ok. These letters are greatly appreciated. ATUN



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