June 07, 2010

Letter from Dr. Malachi Z. York on January 12, 2005

Jan 12, 2005
P.S. It's up to you to give ths letter to the office and brother Horris for all.

The All Is Eye Am.

Rahubaat my Brother RaHotep.

I will send this same letter to others.  Well it comes a time when all who are blinded by their own glory fall in to it's light, and in doing so, they become blind as Peter did, as Abu Bakr did, as so many others.

Well my Brother, being your real heart is still in Islam and the N.O.I. (Nation of Islam) I will speak to you this way, in the Quran, Chapter 18, verse 60 (Al Khidr, written in arabic script) El-Khidr.  You know the story.  Well you my brother, like Muwsa, like Dauwd, like Isa and like many others, could not see the illumination from the enlightenment, or as they say,  "You run in front of your own horse".  These things are very simple and un-important to those who see how far we are in time.

Now first I will tell you as I have said in many of the letters, this is for Nuwaubians not Ansars, not NOI, not Hebrew Israelites, not Christians not Masonics.  But for Nuwaubians.  Not for new souls or incommers, but for those who sat with me long enough to know I don't make mistakes and if I say one thing and it appears to look like another; in time I will make it very clear to all, not for you to look good to those who see all of this in a true way.

Letters are still comign up each day but you could not wait could you?  No.  You started to doubt.  There are many Jahovahs, and for you many Allahs, many Adonia, many Shaddai and many have taken these for their attributes.  Now I was trying to clear up these misconceptions such as YA HUWA (hard "H") from YA HAYYU (soft "H") that is any and All living beings that exist can be (yahayyu and el hayyu written in arabic script)  YAHAYYU and El Hayyu.

In Hebrew they mix up the letters you know as (arabic and hebrew letters "hey" and "khey" written here).  As in sister Hawwah's name arabic puts (arabic "Hey") while Hebrew puts (hebrew "KH") a mix up.  In the bible in Arabic Nakhas of Gen 3:1 (al hayyat written in arabic) EL

(sorry but I can't find the 2nd page to this letter and when I do I will post it.  And if you have it, please share it with the world and help remove all of the mis information.  Email it to aeoebookstore@gmail.com)

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