October 08, 2014

Al Sihah Building

It has been over a decade and this building is still empty.  I'm surprised that the lawn was cut.  I've been passing by it every now and then and it seems to continue to deteriorate.  Imagine the impact it would have had to this town if our presence grace it.  Imagine how it would have beam and how alive it would have awoken.  Imagine the traffic and the business it would have brought.  Imagine the history it could have given this town.

...but it was all a dream.

I do have some pictures of the inside.  I remember visiting the site with Dr. York.  As we walked around the facility he spoke on his ideas, how it would have a bookstore inside, how we would hold events and classes.  He spoke about the artwork inside and said take a notice on how they depicted Egyptians as dark skinned and how the Shriners know this.  Maybe one day, I'll look for these old photos and share them here.  

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